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Dec 27 2010





Here it is, the long awaited PuzzleRunners. I stipped out multiplayer support and am releasing the single player version only. Design notes up later this week (maybe).
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Dec 20 2010





The deadline for the 8bitRocket 16kb Atari Inspired Retro Re-make Contest has passed, and the entries are available for viewing. That mean, it’s time to release BattleWire16K.

The version here on nightflyergames incorporates the MochiMedia leaderboard API, to allow for a global high score list. I’ve also uploaded the game to Kongregate incorporating their API in case you prefer to play there.
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Nov 25 2009

Minute Dungeon




WASD or Arrow Keys to move, Spacebar to use items, comma or period to rotate inventory
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Sep 01 2009

The Knight’s Tour




The knight’s tour is an ancient puzzle, the object of which is to visit every square on a chessboard exactly once with a knight. It’s a somewhat famous puzzle because it was performed by the Mechanical Turk, and is used as an example in various computer science courses. There are two types of tour, Open and Closed. In a Closed tour, the knight returns to the first square it started from. In an Open tour it does not. The game calculates a score based on how long you took, and a multiplier based on the type of tour you complete.

You may play here or on Whirled. (The Whirled version will give you a trophy for completing either type of tour.) Depending on how much chess you may have played, you may find this puzzle difficult or extremely easy.

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Jul 26 2009

Barnstormer– Whirled edition




Actually, I like the implementation as it plays on Whirled, but this wrapper doesn’t do it justice. :(

Anyways, you can play this version (which has no ads, but will bug you to sign up for whirled) if you want to see the achievements and trophies as implemented there.
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Jul 26 2009





Fly through barns! Avoid Geese! Collect stars!

The game gets progressively harder. You score more points by flying faster. Flying through barns scores about 50 times as much as collecting a star. Other relevant instructions are in the game.

Whirled version will be posted momentarily, I’ll try to have a postmortem up later in the week.

Jul 05 2009





Almost a year had passed since Daytrader, and I had shut down the Alaskagameworks site.

I don’t remember which retail game I had played, but there was something about it which caused me to say to myself, “There is no reason this couldn’t be done in Flash.” So I started poking around and found out that people were still playing Daytrader. Somehow this encouraged me to start writing games again. (But not to re-open a website… see my post Why for that) Read more »

Jul 05 2009





Daytrader was my first attempt to make a game which would actually be successful. Several people released ‘stock market’ games around the time I released Microbe. I played them all, since I was simultaneously looking for content for the portal aspect of Alaskagameworks.

They were all TERRIBLE. Read more »

Jul 05 2009





This was my second game.

I don’t particularly remember what my goals were. There are several genres of games which are common, if not popular, in flash and which are relatively easy to make. I knew I was still polishing my skills, so I made a simple mouse avoider. At the time, using a bacteria as a character seemed unique compared to other games being released in flash… Read more »

Jul 05 2009

Square Shooter




This was the first game I attempted in AS3.

(AS3 by the way, is a scripting language which can be compiled into a .swf which can be understood by the flash player plug in in your browser. If you want to make .swf files without actually purchasing Adobe CS4)

This is a very simple game. The WASD keys control the player, and the IJKL keys control the point that the player is aiming at. On very old home computer systems (Atari 400/800, Commodore 64, etc) IJKL were accepted as movement keys because arrow keys weren’t present on the keyboard… They’re not really accepted as movement keys by today’s audiences. There is a lost version where the mouse controls the aimpoint which was easier (required less coordination). Read more »