Aug 31 2009

LD15- Complete

The competition actually finished yesterday, but I pretty much submitted my entry and went straight to bed.
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Aug 28 2009

Ludum Dare 15

Ludum Dare is a 48 hour solo game design competition which is held periodically. All competitors are given a theme (for LD15, this will be released at 7:00 PM AK time… today), and then have 48 hours to produce a game. I’ve been aware of the competition for some time, and have wanted to participate, but I’ve managed to not notice the notifications, or be busy each time it was held. Rather than clutter up this blog I’ll be keeping a dev journal on the LD site. If you want to follow along, please check there. When I’m done, I’ll post the final version of whatever I end up building here.

There’s no prizes, it’s just for fun.

In unrelated news, my brother who is currently in Greece getting certified to teach English as a Foreign Language has started a blog. I’ve provided a link under ‘Other Neat Stuff’ on the right. His writing style is different than mine, but feel free to check it out.

Aug 26 2009

Barnstormer reaches #2 on Casual Collision

Sometime this morning, Barnstormer reached #2 on the list of most popular games played on Casual Collision. Although it’s truly a great game and obviously CC’s users recognized this, possibly this success has more to do with me pointing my Mochimedia traffic sharing ad at the game.
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