Sep 13 2009

Positech Games does not release Gratuitous Space Battles

… but they’re taking pre-orders, and a pre-order gets you entry to the open beta. :)

Gratuitous Space Battles (GSB) is the most recent game being developed by Cliff Harris (Positech Games), a one man development studio (contracting out gfx, sfx, and music) in somewhere in England which produces strategy games for the Win/Mac platforms. Despite a fairly extensive pre-release marketing campaign which included gameplay videos and blog posts discussing the development which had me excited to play the game, and despite having purchased 3 games from Positech in the past, and despite following a discussion about pre-release pricing… I somehow failed to notice that pre-orders were being taken. :( Fortunately, I happened to stumble onto Positech’s site looking at an unrelated application, and decided to check to see what the status on GSB was.

It’s not my intention to turn this blog into a review site, but September is looking pretty sparse. I also think that there is an overlap between the Flash gaming community and the Win/Mac/Linux indie gaming community, but visitors to my site are not necessarily visitors to the various Win/Mac/Linux game developer sites which is where I had become interested in GSB. So if you haven’t heard about the game, read on.. Read more »

Sep 13 2009

LD15 Results are Out

You can view the results here. Or click the ‘Read more’ to read about my entry and how it placed.

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Sep 01 2009

The Knight’s Tour

The knight’s tour is an ancient puzzle, the object of which is to visit every square on a chessboard exactly once with a knight. It’s a somewhat famous puzzle because it was performed by the Mechanical Turk, and is used as an example in various computer science courses. There are two types of tour, Open and Closed. In a Closed tour, the knight returns to the first square it started from. In an Open tour it does not. The game calculates a score based on how long you took, and a multiplier based on the type of tour you complete.

You may play here or on Whirled. (The Whirled version will give you a trophy for completing either type of tour.) Depending on how much chess you may have played, you may find this puzzle difficult or extremely easy.

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