Apr 25 2010

LD17 – Invasive

The theme for LD17 was ‘Islands’. I did a small game about a group of islands having a problem with an invasive species.

Here’s a screenshot:

My journal for this project is here. You can play the game, see the in-progress builds, and get my source code here. My entry isn’t all that much to look at, but the blitting engine seems to be running well on my machine, and I did some different things (compared to my usual methods) for collision detection. I’ll write a more detailed AAR over on the LD site in a few days. My AAR is here. I’ll write another post when the results are out (judging is still in progress).


Apr 16 2010

Upcoming 48 hour game development events

Ludum Dare 17 is going to be next weekend (23-25 April). I’ll be participating in this one. (I missed LD 16 due to work, so this time I requested vacation time :)) Theme voting should open next week.

If you’re in Canada, To-Jam 5 is running the same weekend.

And to get you fired up about whichever event you’re going to participate in or watch, here’s Sid Meier at a 48-hr competition held at U. Michigan (some neat anecdotes about the early game industry as well):

(via the Escapist, originally from Dell (I think))

As an aside, what’s the right word to describe these events? LD is structured as a competition and has judging, but ‘winning’ or ‘beating the competition’ isn’t really the point. From what I gather, the various global game jams are the same way.

Apr 04 2010

DF2010 is out

Just in case you’re living under a rock, Bay12 released the first new version of Dwarf Fortress in 2 years on April 1st. Specifically, version 0.31.01 … otherwise known as the much rumored DF2010, which makes a number of changes to … lots of things. Check the wiki for mirrors and the bare-bones documentation.

I’d say my productivity for the next month is shot… but who would I kidding? I haven’t been productive in years. :)