Apr 01 2015

BASPM Gemini-DA Minimum Launch Schedule

This is part of a series of posts about the game Buzz Aldrin’s Space Program Manager, which I am playing on iOS. In previous installments, I worked out a sequence which would give the minimum number of launches to land on the moon with no equipment penalties for the Apollo, and the Gemini-EOR lunar programs. This post covers the Gemini Direct Ascent program.

The minimum 10 launches appear to be:

1. Gemini Uncrewed Suborbital Flight Test (Suborb 3851)
2. Gemini Suborbital Flight* (Suborb-HR 3851)
3. Gemini Orbital Flight (LEO-HR 3851)
4. Gemini Spacewalk (Duration Level I) (LEO-HR 3866)**
4. Gemini-DA-Earth Orbit Tests Uncrewed Gemini-DA configuration test (LEO 45851)
4.5. Gemini-DA-Lunar Uncrewed Lunar Flyby (TLI 45851)
5. Gemini-DA-Lunar Uncrewed Lunar Orbital (TLI 45851)
5. Gemini-DA-Lunar Circumlunar Flight (TLI-HR 45851)
6. Gemini-DA-Lunar Lunar Orbital Flight (TLI-HR 45821)
7. Gemin-DA-Lunar Lunar Landing (Direct Ascent) (TLI-HR 46033)

Both the crewed and uncrewed lunar flights will require the Saturn 5 (see the rockets post).

If the number is the same, the flights can be flown in either order (ie, neither flight numbered 5 is dependent on the other). I numbered the uncrewed Lunar Flyby as 4.5 because it must fly after the uncrewed configuration test, but is not dependent on the Spacewalk.

*- Flight 2 here is uncessesary if you already got man in space with Mercury (or PKA or Vostok in a GSA campaign)

**- There is no orbit duration I flight in project Gemini which does not involve an EVA. The object of this flight is Extended Duration I, not EVA, as there never is an equipment penalty attached to the EVA suit on this line of missions. The spacewalk could be deleted if you do the Mercury Extended Duration I flight.

The spreadsheet with the dependencies can be found here.