Aug 31 2009

LD15- Complete

The competition actually finished yesterday, but I pretty much submitted my entry and went straight to bed.

You can see all the entries by going here and selecting ‘view all entries’*. You can read my dev blog here, or play my entry (and it’s earlier versions) here. I don’t think I’ll continue development on this however– once I started to feel the time pressure my code started to become extremely kludgy, and while it started out pretty well architectured it isn’t very easy to work with anymore.

One real neat thing that other people did, but I didn’t is make timelapse videos from screenshots of their development environment. The one’s I found particularly interesting include the video by girlflash, who apparently was able to get a playable version extremely quickly working with the Unity engine, and HybridMind studios which makes me wish I had a copy of flash to be able to access the timeline, and Wiering who aparently checks his mochi dashboard about as often as I do. I did not produce a video, but if I participate in LD16 (sometime in December) then I probably will.

Judging remains open for 2 weeks, and then the results will be up… expect another post then. I rated games today until I started to get bored, and I’ll keep chipping away slowly at the rest.

I certainly enjoyed the competiton. Comming up from NightflyerGames is a very tiny project which I need to clean up before submitting into the mochi feed, and then a handful of more ambitious projects. That’s it for now,

*- I linked to the archive rather than directly because I’m not sure if the preview grid will be available after judging is complete.

**- If someone familiar with wordpress could let me know how to prevent a post from -sending- trackbacks and pingbacks, I’d appreciate it.

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