Sep 13 2009

LD15 Results are Out

You can view the results here. Or click the ‘Read more’ to read about my entry and how it placed.

My entry ended up placing 66th. There had been 144 entries, but only 107 ended up getting ratings for ‘overall’… so I’m going to say I came in 66th out of 144. It sounds better. :) I’m utterly satisfied with being in the middle of the field for this contest. Some of the games were extremely well done, for being written from scratch in 48 hours. And the game which won overall, Beacon, by ChevyRay, is a pretty neat and innovative game… not merely a pretty neat and innovative game written in a short time period.

The results for each game are broken down into 7 categories (Innovation, Fun, Theme, Graphics, Audio, Humor, Overall) and then there are two participation categories (Community  and Coolness). The game categories are pretty self explanatory, and there are no hard guidelines for what constitutes a ‘1’ or a ‘5’. Community refers to the dev journal, blogging, postmortem, timelapse, pictures of what you ate during the competition, etc… Coolness is just a relative measure of how many games you voted on. All ratings are on a 1-5 scale.

Here’s how FallingTown did:

  • Innovation: 3.73 (15th)
  • Fun: 2.27 (77th)
  • Theme: 2.70 (77th)
  • Graphics: 2.27 (92nd)
  • Audio: 1.14 (93rd)
  • Humor: 1.64 (89th)
  • Overall: 2.70 (66th)
  • Community: 4.00 (11th)

I was pleasantly surprised by the Innovation rating, happy that people liked the journal I had kept, and not particularly surprised by any of the rest. There was no audio, for example. :) And the game needs quite a bit of tuning before it could be called fun. The comments on the game were generally positive, and I don’t think many were off the mark at all.

I think at some point I’ll revamp this game and implement someone’s multiplayer API. But that will be some ways off in the future. In the meantime, I enjoyed participating in the 15th Ludum Dare.. The 16th running of the contest is in December and I’ll probably enter that if I have time.


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