Oct 13 2009

Cellular Automator 0.2

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This is the first version of a cellular automata visulizer. At the moment it’s just kind of a toy. Click the screen to add cells, then press play to see how they develop. I’ll do a separate post for the why’s and wherefore’s when I get around to it. Any and all feedback is appreciated!

Current features:
– Three rulesets implemented

– Allows resizing from 3×3 to 500×500, including non-square grid sizes
– Allows the grid to be cleared
– Allows single generation stepping
– Attempts to run at 5 generations per second in normal mode
– Attempts to run at 10 generations per second in fast mode (skips rendering every other generation)

Known Bugs (so far):
– Sometimes you may have to press clear twice to reset the generation counter. (I know why, but it’s not a straightforward fix unfortunately)
– After resizing, the ruleset will be set for Conway’s Game of Life, regardless of what is being indicated. Click your desired ruleset again if you wanted something different.

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