Nov 25 2009

Minute Dungeon

Game loads below this line...

WASD or Arrow Keys to move, Spacebar to use items, comma or period to rotate inventory

I think I can honestly say that this is the best game by an Anchorage based flash developer released between 10 and 11 PM on the 25th of November 2009. If you’re short on space, feel free to quote that as “The Best Game … of … 2009″ in your reviews. :)

Minute Dungeon is my entry for the Mochimedia November 2009 FGF contest. I’ll re-write this post later, for now this page is for beta testing, ad-approval, etc. The game is officially released. Design notes will follow soon are now posted. I am still interested in feedback, as I can make changes using Mochi’s version control system until December 4th so feel free to leave a comment.


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