Jul 05 2009


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This was my second game.

I don’t particularly remember what my goals were. There are several genres of games which are common, if not popular, in flash and which are relatively easy to make. I knew I was still polishing my skills, so I made a simple mouse avoider. At the time, using a bacteria as a character seemed unique compared to other games being released in flash…

Some highlights-

  • The amoebas actually undergo mitosis when they divide!
  • The paramecium spins constantly around it’s long axis!
  • I had a random trigger which made the paramecium swap ends!
  • At the time I thought it impossible to get a seamless loop with an mp3 file, and that is the only type of sound file supported by the FlexSDK compiler.. so my soundtrack was built up of several loops stitched together manually in Audacity, with periods of blank sound at irregular intervals synced to the tempo of the soundtrack so that the skip from looping the soundtrack wouldn’t be noticeable.

This game was (and continues to be) more successful than SquareShooter, climbing faster on my statistics page after release. All things considered, it wasn’t a bad little game.

Unfortunately, the source code was lost in a hard drive crash, along with the source code all the other Alaskagameworks games.

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