Jul 05 2009


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Almost a year had passed since Daytrader, and I had shut down the Alaskagameworks site.

I don’t remember which retail game I had played, but there was something about it which caused me to say to myself, “There is no reason this couldn’t be done in Flash.” So I started poking around and found out that people were still playing Daytrader. Somehow this encouraged me to start writing games again. (But not to re-open a website… see my post Why for that)

I have completely forgotten my brilliant idea (but that’s ok! Ideas are easy, implementation is hard. I’ve since started keeping a notebook just in case though. :) But in any event knew I needed to do a short project before I tried anything extensive.

Sequence was based on the electronic game Simon. This was a handheld device which was just a piece of plastic with four buttons. Each button could flash and made a distinctive tone when it flashed. The device would play a series of tones, and then the player would try to press the buttons in the same order that the device had played.

Despite the simpleness of the game, implementing it required a full game loop, several supporting functions, sound support… as I had not used the FlashDevelop IDE recently for anything, or GiMP, or really anything related to game development it took some time to relearn. Despite this I finished the game after about 3 full days of working on it.

There are some polish issues… the game loses ‘keyboard focus’ occasionally. If you want to mute it, you may need to click somewhere in the playing area which doesn’t correspond to a number. It was a real poor decision to use telephone noises as my sound effects.

However, I basically consider this project over and done with. My main goal was to re-familiarize myself with my tools and I’ve done that.

I did consider not posting this project to my site, but ultimately decided that there was no harm. Everyone has to do small projects before they attempt bigger ones, and this basically serves as a new baseline to compare my games against.

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