Dec 14 2009

Early December Update

I was working at my real job all weekend, so wasn’t able to participate in Ludum Dare 16 which was just held. The theme this time was ‘Exploration’. Check out the 121 entries if you get the chance. The next LD will be held in April.

Also this past Friday, Mochi announced the results of their November contest. The game which won, Sixty Seconds to Live by Chris Underwood, is a game in the ‘room escape’ genre which did an excellent job of the having the 60-second time limit integral to the game, had a distinctive crayon-drawn art style, and even made use of well executed vocals!

Minute Dungeon didn’t place in that contest, but I still think the exercise of developing it was useful. I received enough feedback to encourage me to strip the time limit out and extend the game. Plans for the As-Yet-Unnamed-Future-Roguelike-Built-In-Flash (AYUFRBIF.. doesn’t really work as an acronym) include a larger dungeon with a scrolling camera and limited field of view, as well as additional monster behaviors and the possible reintroduction of water and other elements dropped from 8PRL when I implemented my game. If you have a feature you want to see, now is the time to let me know! :)


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