Jan 01 2010

End of Year Stats!

Anything to do with the web generates reams and reams of statistics, and the end of the year seems to be a good time to share those. So, without further ado, here’s some selected stats from 2009 for Nightflyergames. (This is mostly screenshots from my stats packages, edited for space but not content). If you’re waiting on a new game or design notes… I promise there’s stuff in the works, but I have no idea when my next release is going to be.

I use awstatsfor my general site statistics, and you can see here that nightflyergames.com has built a small audience since its launch in July. One nice thing about awstats is as best I can tell, it’s counting unique visitors on the basis of the visitor ip address. (So, I personally get counted as a unique visitor once a month for example.)

Monthly graph

Prior to the release of Minute Dungeon, most of my traffic was coming from the credits link in Barnstormer. MD however, had some links on sites in the roguelike community which pointed to it directly. You can see the sharp increase in bandwidth, and looking at the filetypes requested in December, it’s not hard to see where that bandwidth went. :)

Files served in December

For the most part my traffic has been US visitors. (This is potentially misleading, since I’m in the US and the list is ordered by pages– and I have web-based email for nightflyergames…) Again, this is Dec 09… the other months are roughly the same though I had a spike in traffic from Thailand in early November for no apparent reason.

Countries served (Dec 09)

At some point in October, I installed the WordPress.com stats plugin. It provides some nice information too…

Summary Data

The really nice thing about that plugin is that it lets me know which posts people are reading. It’s not perfect- if you read an entire post from the Nightflyergames main page, it doesn’t record the visitor as having looked at anything specific. Still, you can see that there is a huge difference between the number of people who look at a popular post and a regular post…

Some blogs I read get funny search engine referrals. I don’t.

Search terms (Nov 2009)

My games themselves have been played a fair bit. These next images are to let you know that if you’re planning to make money through in-game advertising with Flash games, you’ll have to be a bit better than me either in terms of quality or distribution. :) HOWEVER, the tag up at the top of the webpage says ‘Hobbyist Game Developer’s Webpage’, and I think it’s extremely cool that more than 100k people have played at one of my games! (Paid impressions is close to identical with # of people who have played my games, because I only use preloader ads…) 

Mochi earnings through 1 Jan 2010

The blacked out game is one which was produced under contract for someone else but uses Mochi leaderboards. It’s complete but has not been released yet.

Looking at the Mochi stats reinforces that if something’s on the internet, it’s forever. Square Shooter, my first flash game released in July of last year is still getting plays almost every day.. I don’t know if the ‘Long Tail’ is supposed to apply to things that generate less than $0.01 per day. :)

Mochi Stats (31 Dec 09)

Earnings-wise there’s another $10 or so spread out between various game portals that provide a revenue cut to developers.  The two contract projects I’ve done paid better– not nearly enough to quit my day job, but I really like my day job.

Overall, I’m happy with how the nightflyergames restart has gone so far. Despite not advertising or applying any ‘search engine optimization’ techniques, people who want to see the articles or games here seem to be able to find the site. People who just want to play games are playing them elsewhere, and that’s fine with me too– I don’t really want to have to figure out how to monetize traffic here, and am considering filtering the in-game ads from this site anyways. 

Thanks for visiting! As always, feel free to comment, email, etc..

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