May 03 2010

What I’m slowly working on

So, LD17 is over, but I am working on another project. I actually started work on April 7th, thinking I’d have it done in time to release before LD, planning to use it as a warm-up for the contest since I hadn’t programmed anything in a while.

Yeah, right. :)

But it’s been turning into a decent little game.  Here’s a screenshot over on the right. (My drawing ability has not magically improved, the sprites are from here, a Japanese team called REFMAP with a license friendly to commercial games.) If you look closely, there’s enough information in that screen shot to tell what the game is about. Otherwise you’ll have to wait a few weeks for the public beta. 😉

You’ll notice that one of the characters is named, ‘Guest’.  Although I’m implementing at least two player authentication systems, if you don’t have an account with one of them, and don’t want to sign up for one, you’ll still be able to play. Unlike one recently released indie game. Whose development I’ve been following. And which I wanted to try  :(

At the moment, the other characters are actually AI’s. To get the names I found a list of popular names for babies, published by the Social Security Administration. I wouldn’t have remembered that, but this time I’m keeping a log of my work, in addition to my (paper) design notebook.

The single player mode is -done-. There’s still a lot of UI work, and getting the multiplayer mode running. (Fortunately, I wrote the single player mode in such a way that this should be easy. Well, easy-ish anyways…)


(Being cryptic about upcoming games is apparently the in thing these days.)


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