May 09 2010

Ludum Dare 17 Results are Released

The results from LD17 are now released, and available here. There were 204 entries.

If you want to know how my entry did, click read more.

Raw scores are out of a possible 5.

Category Raw Score Ranking
Innovation 3.67 26th of 136
Fun 2.29 92nd of 126
Theme 3.21 54th of 130
Graphics 2.24 114th of 143
Audio 1.17 106th of 110
Humor 1.79 95th of 116
Overall 2.68 78th of 132
Community 3.46 33rd of 126

There are also a lot of excellent comments, which you can view here.

The numbers are generally consistent with how I thought I had placed. Invasive wasn’t much fun to play, and it had a trivial but tedious winning strategy. Graphically it wasn’t very special, and it had no Audio at all! :) You can find my post-mortem discussion here.

My results are not substantially different from how I placed in LD15, which is also consistent with not quite pulling off what I attempted. Try again for LD18 in August, I guess.


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