May 10 2010

Puzzle Runners passes the black triangle!

(Puzzle Runners is the the title of the game I mentioned in this post. I’m pretty bad at staying cryptic. :))

So, a few minutes ago I had my black triangle moment for this project!! The single player game works, but I knew that wasn’t going to be a problem. I’ve never done any type of multiplayer before and I’m using PlayerIO‘s white label multiplayer servers. I wasn’t sure I could pull that off, because PlayerIO assumes that you’re developing your client with Flash… but I don’t actually use the Flash authoring tool, I write my code in FlashDevelop and compile with the FlexSDK.

Anyway, despite (actually, in part because I’m) using a bounce server, Puzzle Runners needs a (for my skill level) fairly complex message handling system. I’ve spent the past 5 days trying to get it to come together. And now it has:

What you’re seeing is a screenshot of FD’s output window, which is where traces are displayed. (In AS3 traces are basically console print statements to aid in debugging). In the screenshot, the client has received a message asking for an index needed for part of the setup (type A1), and then generated and sent a message containing that index (type A2). And the A1 message was originally generated by a second client, and bounced off the remote server. So my message handler works! PlayerIO works happily with the FlexSDK! There are no major (technical) hurdles left to building the game! :)


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