May 30 2010

PlayerIO launches database solution

Last Thursday, PlayerIO added a persistent data solution to the PlayerIO white-label multiplayer services.

With BigDB you’re getting a complete database that is especially built for the usage scenarios of games, and that will handle any load you can throw at it. You don’t have to buy, host, or manage your own database server, since BigDB is part of the Player.IO cloud services.

This is a really big thing.*

Puzzle Runners, my in-progress project, is built using PIO as it’s back-end but didn’t need persistent data. (At some point I need to write a ‘How to use PlayerIO services in a game developed with FlashDevelop and the FlexSDK’ tutorial because all the examples assume working under the FlashIDE… expect that sometime after I release Puzzle Runners) My experience with their API has been almost wholly positive, and the all their services are still free while they’re in Beta. If you’ve been contemplating a multiplayer flash game, but discarded PIO because you would have had to run a separate DB server, you should probably take another look.

*- Within the context of flash game development.


  • By oliver, May 31, 2010 @ 2:40 am

    Hey — glad you like our services.

    You mention that you’d like to write a Player.IO+FlashDevelop+FlexSDK tutorial; If you do that, we’d love to have it on our site just like the multiplayer tutorial we’ve got right now[1].


    [1] =

  • By Tony, May 31, 2010 @ 3:12 am

    Hi Oliver,

    I hadn’t contemplated anything as in depth as Mr. Brady’s tutorial, just a couple of screen shots showing how to set up the project. I’ll put a note in the playerio forum when I write the post, and if you guys want to you’ll be more than welcome to host it on your site.


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