Dec 03 2010

Breaking the Plane

Battlezone (1980) had a unique control system where the two joysticks on the arcade cabinet controlled the left and right treads of the tank. We can’t really duplicate that well with a keyboard, so to keep the two handed gameplay, this version of my game separates the turret and tank controls. I can’t remember seeing this in a game prior to Mechwarior (1989), but surely something had used it before.

The other major step was to take the flat terrain, and replace it with a rolling random terrain. This causes the player (and enemies) to pitch and roll as they move across the ground. As far as I know, none of the ‘action-tank-sims’ had this type of 3D movement until Arctic Fox (1986). (subLogic however, had released their first consumer flight sims by 1980, suggesting the early 8-bit machines would have been capable of it).

Since I’m getting close to done, I’d appreciate any comments. Game and instructions placed after the ‘read more’. Next step will probably be to add sound… Current release build, 8.88kb.

W- Move Forward           I- Pitch turret up
S- Move Backward          J- Pitch turret down
A- Rotate Tank Left        K- Rotate Turret Left
D- Rotate Tank Right      L – Rotate Turret Right

Space- Fire
C – Center Turret

I had to add the C to center command because I kept losing track of where the turret was pointing. :)

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