Dec 06 2010

In Living Color

I think I’ve reached that point in the project where it’s 90% done, leaving me with just 90% more to do. :) I had six items in my TODO file when I got home from work, I finished 2, and now I have 9 items left on the list…

Biggest change from the previous version is that the wireframes are now rendered in color. This actually raised an issue I hadn’t expected– when everything was being rendered in white, I had made the line thickness for edges on moving objects 2 pixels, and was rendering the terrain at 1 pixel. I had to do this because it was hard to differentiate between the ground and the shots/enemy tanks otherwise.

Once I changed the rendering to color, this concern went away, but the lines for moving objects didn’t look right. So I reduced the thickness back to one. I decided to leave both modes available… the game defaults to the color rendering, but you can switch back to the white/thickline rendering by pressing V.

Another change was the addition of in-game instructions… I’m not sure I like how they turned out, and they may not make the final cut. You’re supposed to read the manual for Retro games anyways!

Oh.. and I added a pause feature. Almost all the games from the 80s had that.

There are also some minor fixes that aren’t really worth mentioning. Play the game after the ‘Read More’. Comments always welcome!

(EDIT- Forgot to add: Current build, 11.7kb)

W- Move Tank Forward            I- Pitch Turret Up

S- Move Tank Backward           K- Pitch Turret Down

A- Rotate Tank Left                    J- Rotate Turret Left

D- Rotate Tank Right                 L- Rotate Turret Right

C- Align Turret With Tank   SPACE- Shoot

P- Pause  V- Change Graphics Mode M- Mute

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