Dec 09 2010

Intros and Outros

So, the 16K Atari Inspired Retro Remake Contest deadline was extended to 11:59PM 19 Dec 2010 (PST). Although I think it’s great since more people will have time to build something for the contest, I don’t know that this helps me much… Ludum Dare 19 (48-hour game dev competition) starts on the 17th, and if I’m going to participate in that I need to be completely done with this game before then. But I haven’t really decided whether I want to do LD19 or not.

This update fixes some internal bugs, adds a simple title screen, adds a camera spin in effect when the player is placed on the field (either at the start or after he loses a life), and adds a musical outro. The main soundtrack is now 65.4 seconds long. The player now (briefly) has a model (which is just the enemy tank model drawn in yellow)… in principle I could change the model, and I may, but considering that that model only appears for 3 seconds per game I probably won’t.

One issue the outro solves, in addition to just being a little more polish for the game, is that in the previous version, if the player was firing at the same time he loses his last life, the game could restart immediately with no feedback. Having the outro, even if the player holds down space he at least is aware that he is lost and the game is restarting.

The release build is now 12.9kb. It’s also getting fat, I’ve identified some points where I can compress this. I want to finish all functionality before I try to optimize though.

At this point I wish I knew how to use SVN, git, or something similar, because I’d like to experiment with rendering filled in triangles, but I don’t want to end up leaving remnants of dead code throughout my project if it doesn’t work. That can wait until after I get this wrapped and submitted. Likewise I’m holding off on my stats module, even though I’d like to collect some gameplay statistics… I’m just afraid I’d be setting myself up for hours of work trying to remove the module from the final. Version Control has definitely been added to my ‘I need to learn how to do this, soon!’ list.

Current build after the ‘Read More’

W- Move Tank Forward            I- Pitch Turret Up

S- Move Tank Backward           K- Pitch Turret Down

A- Rotate Tank Left                    J- Rotate Turret Left

D- Rotate Tank Right                 L- Rotate Turret Right

C- Align Turret With Tank   SPACE- Shoot

P- Pause  V- Change Graphics Mode M- Mute


  • By Drew, December 10, 2010 @ 1:19 am

    didn’t you just do Ludum Dare? is it twice a year or do i just have a bad memory

  • By Tony, December 10, 2010 @ 9:36 am

    Three times a year… I skipped LD18 in August.

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