Jan 01 2011

PuzzleRunners Early Analytics

The sample size is way too small to draw any conclusions, but here’s which characters players selected in Puzzle Runners during the first couple days after release:

Puzzle Runners Character Selection Rates 12/28-12/31

I just thought this was interesting in light of the Mass Effect 2 statistics released last November. Obviously though, the games are not comparable… I actually have in my working notes, ‘randomize character selector order’ but I never implemented it. (I suspect there is a bias toward items appearing early in a list (on the left side), in addition to a bias towards male characters.)

Other items of interest, 30% of players starting a game of PuzzleRunners play for more than 5 minutes (15% more than 10 minutes). 21% play until the puzzle gets completed, 3% use the quit option to return to the menu, the remainder presumably navigate away from the game before it ends. Both the length of play, and the number of players playing to completion are higher than I expected.

(Data collected with the Mochi Analytics API)

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