Sep 17 2011

Question for my readers

All 4 of you, that is. :)

Since I’ve moved, my interests have drifted away from flash games for the web. I’m thinking of broadening what software I write (e.g. Graphical Daylight), and what I write about (e.g. timelapse post). I’ve been thinking of reorganizing this site, so that it would be a showcase of software I’ve written (similar to say, the Positech front page) and moving my blog to a subdomain ( or moving my blog to a new site altogether (WordPress or Blogger) and restructuring this site.

Needless to say, this will probably break every inbound link, and it would take me some hours to accomplish. I don’t need to have a professional flash game developer style site because I’m a hobbyist, and what I have is fine for what I’m trying to accomplish- even if it looks unfocused and amateurish. I am after all an amateur.

The benefit would be that 5 years from now, nobody would end up here by following a ‘programmed by’ link from a game I’d written and wonder why I’m talking about the nutritional requirements of fish larvae. And fish larvae people wouldn’t arrive wondering why they’re reading something on a website about video games. (Fish larvae is a made up topic).

I won’t be bound by the results, but I’ve made a poll because I can’t really decide what to do:

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