Aug 26 2009

Barnstormer reaches #2 on Casual Collision

Sometime this morning, Barnstormer reached #2 on the list of most popular games played on Casual Collision. Although it’s truly a great game and obviously CC’s users recognized this, possibly this success has more to do with me pointing my Mochimedia traffic sharing ad at the game.

Screenshot of CasualCollision Aug 26,2009

Screenshot of CasualCollision Aug 26,2009

 I actually wanted to wait until I passed Glofer before writing this post, but I’m pretty sure that game’s author is driving traffic to his game either via the traffic share ad, paid ads, or a more popular website than this one. Casual Collision is a new portal managed by the guy who runs , a reasonably well known portal which claims 200k visitors per month. CC came about after a thread on Mochi’s forums where many developers were trying to come up with an idea for a collective style portal, managed in favor of developers rather than website owners. As with most such ideas where no clear leadership existed, it appeared that nothing was going to happen… then AGAF’s operator took the idea and ran with it (or at least a variation). He designed a portal using an AJAX framework and committed to paying game developers a $0.75 eCPM for game views and $1.00 eCPM for referrals. The portal became officially operational on August 24, 2009. (Open game submissions started a few days before).

Although I don’t yet see much of a draw for flash game players, based on his previous record I imagine AGAF knows what he’s doing and features to set CC apart from other portals from a player perspective will come. As a hobbyist developer though, this is a pretty nice site! The revenue sharing is nice. I had not been pointing my traffic share ad from Mochi anywhere as I’ve made no effort to monetize this site and don’t particularly need random traffic here. Many flash games have a ‘play more games’ button in their main menus… Barnstormer did not but am planning to add my referral link to CC into projects going forward. I’d like to wish CasualCollective the best of luck as it begins to gather an audience, and look forward to great things to come from that site.

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