Jul 05 2009


This page is intended to be a list of resources for hobbyist game developers. I will attempt to keep it somewhat current. If you’re looking for copies of my games to add to your site, please see the Release Chronology tab.

Free Tools

  • FlashDevelop IDE– a free development environment for working with .as (actionscript) files
  • FlexSDK– you need this to compile actionscript files into a .swf
  • GiMP– a free image editor which I like. Supports layers. I’m not aware of anything photoshop can do that this can’t…
  • Audacity – free sound editor which I like.
  • sfxr – Generates clicks, beeps, and other sound effects

Useful Reference


I prefer to write my own, but some people have found success using pre-built frameworks.

  • Flixel – Very popular AS3 framework, notable for being the engine behind Cannabalt.
  • FlashPunk – Newly released on 8 Jan 2010, claims to be optimized for bitmap graphics


Again, to the extent I use physics I tend to roll my own, and I haven’t attempted anything in 3d, but if you need a library here’s what’s out there.

  • Box2D – Highly popular 2d physics engine. See Emanuele Feronato’s site for implementation tutorials if you need help.
  • Papervision3D – 3D library for flash.. the frontpage example is pretty neat.

Multiplayer Solutions

  • PlayerIO – White-label variant of Nonoba multiplayer API

Free Graphics

  • Renier’s Tileset –¬†Rendered Isometric Sprites and 3d Meshes.
  • Open Game Art– Becareful you understand that some open source licenses will require you to release your source code…
  • LostGarden – Several high quality sprite sheets, and a blog that’s worth reading
  • Explosion Generator – Creates animated explosions
  • First Seed Material – Click ‘English’ at the top right if you can’t read Japanese.

Distribution, Advertisement, Licensing

  • Mochiads – Company which provides many free services to Flash game developers in exchange for placing ads in your game
  • FlashGameLicense – Marketplace for finding a sponsor for your Flash game… also has a distribution arm
  • Thumbnail Generator – Rapidly creates thumbnail images

Forums which I lurk in frequently

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