Jul 05 2009


Daytrader was my first attempt to make a game which would actually be successful. Several people released ‘stock market’ games around the time I released Microbe. I played them all, since I was simultaneously looking for content for the portal aspect of Alaskagameworks.

They were all TERRIBLE. Read more »

Jul 05 2009


This was my second game.

I don’t particularly remember what my goals were. There are several genres of games which are common, if not popular, in flash and which are relatively easy to make. I knew I was still polishing my skills, so I made a simple mouse avoider. At the time, using a bacteria as a character seemed unique compared to other games being released in flash… Read more »

Jul 05 2009

Square Shooter

This was the first game I attempted in AS3.

(AS3 by the way, is a scripting language which can be compiled into a .swf which can be understood by the flash player plug in in your browser. If you want to make .swf files without actually purchasing Adobe CS4)

This is a very simple game. The WASD keys control the player, and the IJKL keys control the point that the player is aiming at. On very old home computer systems (Atari 400/800, Commodore 64, etc) IJKL were accepted as movement keys because arrow keys weren’t present on the keyboard… They’re not really accepted as movement keys by today’s audiences. There is a lost version where the mouse controls the aimpoint which was easier (required less coordination). Read more »