Dec 17 2010

Update 12/17

I submitted BattleWire16K to 8bitRocket for the 16kb contest yesterday… you’ll be able to play it on Monday when all the entries are available!

In the meantime, here’s a screenshot:

I also built a version which incorporates Mochi Leaderboards for distribution into the Flash gaming channels. I’ll put that into distribution also on Monday. I’ve also written up most of my design notes… the text file is already larger than the game! That doesn’t mean there’s a lot of good information, it just means I need to do a lot of revision before I post. 😉

The theme for LD19 was announced 4 hours ago (Discovery). For some reason I can’t seem to come up with anything that wouldn’t be too complex to complete in the 44 remaining hours. If I think of something, I’ll work on an entry… but it’s not really looking too likely.

May 09 2010

Ludum Dare 17 Results are Released

The results from LD17 are now released, and available here. There were 204 entries.

If you want to know how my entry did, click read more.
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Apr 25 2010

LD17 – Invasive

The theme for LD17 was ‘Islands’. I did a small game about a group of islands having a problem with an invasive species.

Here’s a screenshot:

My journal for this project is here. You can play the game, see the in-progress builds, and get my source code here. My entry isn’t all that much to look at, but the blitting engine seems to be running well on my machine, and I did some different things (compared to my usual methods) for collision detection. I’ll write a more detailed AAR over on the LD site in a few days. My AAR is here. I’ll write another post when the results are out (judging is still in progress).


Sep 13 2009

LD15 Results are Out

You can view the results here. Or click the ‘Read more’ to read about my entry and how it placed.

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Aug 31 2009

LD15- Complete

The competition actually finished yesterday, but I pretty much submitted my entry and went straight to bed.
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Aug 28 2009

Ludum Dare 15

Ludum Dare is a 48 hour solo game design competition which is held periodically. All competitors are given a theme (for LD15, this will be released at 7:00 PM AK time… today), and then have 48 hours to produce a game. I’ve been aware of the competition for some time, and have wanted to participate, but I’ve managed to not notice the notifications, or be busy each time it was held. Rather than clutter up this blog I’ll be keeping a dev journal on the LD site. If you want to follow along, please check there. When I’m done, I’ll post the final version of whatever I end up building here.

There’s no prizes, it’s just for fun.

In unrelated news, my brother who is currently in Greece getting certified to teach English as a Foreign Language has started a blog. I’ve provided a link under ‘Other Neat Stuff’ on the right. His writing style is different than mine, but feel free to check it out.