Dec 19 2010

BattleWire16K Design Notes

BattleWire16K is my entry for the 8bitRocket 16kb Atari Inspired Retro Re-Make contest. I made several blog entries during the development, here is a list of all the previous ones.

This entry is my notes on project completion. As it will run somewhat long, I’m hiding it behind a ‘Read More’ tag. I’ll add a link to the actual game on Monday when it’s available publicly.

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Nov 28 2009

Minute Dungeon- Design Notes

Minute Dungeon is my entry for Mochimedia’s Novemeber ‘Flash Game Friday’ contest. Flash Game Friday had been a $100 bonus awarded by Mochi on a near weekly basis to a game in their distribution feed selected by Mochi staff. There were no codified rules, and I don’t think anyone paid too much attention to it.

In early November, Mochi announced they were discontinuing the old FGF program, and replacing it with a monthly development contest which would also be called ‘Flash Game Friday’. November 6th, they announced the rules for the first running of the new monthly contest “60 seconds to fame”. The theme of this first contest was ’60-second game’– ie, the game had to be over in 60 seconds or less.

Key rules were:

  • Entries must use Mochi’s version control and Mochi’s distribution feed.
  • Entries must use Mochi’s Leaderboards, and automatically submit scores on game completion

Beyond that, there were some instructions on how to tag your game so it could be found in the distribution feed by the judges, and that’s about it. Everything else was left to the developers.

WARNING! Long and rambling discussion of my design methods ahead. I write these in large part so that I have a record of what I did, and definitely not to suggest you should emulate what I do.

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Oct 13 2009

Cellular Automator Project- Design Notes

These are the design notes for Cellular Automator, which will probably be a slow burning long term project, with no immediate commercial utility. I’m a hobbyist game programmer, and have basically no experience in Cellular Automata research, so if I get terms wrong please excuse and correct me.
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Jul 29 2009

Barnstormer– Postmortem

This is the postmortem or after-action review post for Barnstormer. (Postmortem being the game industry term, and After Action Review being the Army term for a discussion of what went right and wrong in a project you’ve just completed). The original version of this post was fairly formally constructed and went into great detail about how and what I did… but if you’re reading this you already know all the techniques I used and consider them basic, or you don’t really care and wouldn’t understand even if I went into detail. :)
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