Nov 28 2010

Small World

Over at 8bitRocket, back on 19 November they announced* a contest to produce a retro web** game. Specifically, a game which is inspired by an Atari*** game, with an executable package**** not to exceed 16kb. For the non-tech types, that’s pretty small these days.

*- I need to give a shout out to Gaming After 40, because I saw the announcement repeated on his blog. I happened to be extremely busy on the weekend of the 19th, and missed 8bitRocket’s original post.

**- web being any web platform– Silverlight, Flash, HTML5, Javascript, if you could do a small enough Unity game I imagine it would be ok…

***- Atari being defined extremely broadly.

****- ie: the program and all the resources it’s going to use.

Anyway, I’m going to build an entry, and I’ll try to make posts as I progress. Click the read more for the first.
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