Sep 17 2011

Question for my readers

All 4 of you, that is. :)

Since I’ve moved, my interests have drifted away from flash games for the web. I’m thinking of broadening what software I write (e.g. Graphical Daylight), and what I write about (e.g. timelapse post). I’ve been thinking of reorganizing this site, so that it would be a showcase of software I’ve written (similar to say, the Positech front page) and moving my blog to a subdomain ( or moving my blog to a new site altogether (WordPress or Blogger) and restructuring this site.

Needless to say, this will probably break every inbound link, and it would take me some hours to accomplish. I don’t need to have a professional flash game developer style site because I’m a hobbyist, and what I have is fine for what I’m trying to accomplish- even if it looks unfocused and amateurish. I am after all an amateur.

The benefit would be that 5 years from now, nobody would end up here by following a ‘programmed by’ link from a game I’d written and wonder why I’m talking about the nutritional requirements of fish larvae. And fish larvae people wouldn’t arrive wondering why they’re reading something on a website about video games. (Fish larvae is a made up topic).

I won’t be bound by the results, but I’ve made a poll because I can’t really decide what to do:

Jan 01 2010

End of Year Stats!

Anything to do with the web generates reams and reams of statistics, and the end of the year seems to be a good time to share those. So, without further ado, here’s some selected stats from 2009 for Nightflyergames. (This is mostly screenshots from my stats packages, edited for space but not content). If you’re waiting on a new game or design notes… I promise there’s stuff in the works, but I have no idea when my next release is going to be.

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