Ludum Dare 17- Islands

TFernando's Entry

  • Version 0.7 This is the entry to vote on, if you are voting in LD17.
  • Version 0.6 Many minor changes. Walls now block kiwis.
  • Version 0.5 Adjusted Glomper Spawning
  • Version 0.4 Player Interaction
  • Version 0.3 Population Dynamics
  • Version 0.2 Static Render Test, 10,000 animals
  • Version 0.1 Reads map data, displays it. Zoom functionality
  • Source Code free under CC-BY 3.0 or equivalent license. Note that some paths are hard-coded, and you may need to edit before the source will compile. I may or may not clean this up when I'm less tired. :)
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