Version 0.7 -- LD17 Entry

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This is a game about an invasive species entering an island ecosystem.

There are two types of animals in this group of islands. Glompers, and Kiwis. Your goal is to eliminate the Glompers, and not let the Kiwis go extinct.

You will get 1 resource point approximately every half second. You may spend these on various objects and actions.

Kiwis eat trees (in-game). If a Kiwi touches a tree, it will spawn 10 Kiwis more Kiwis. Each tree can be used 10 times. You may place trees if you have enough resource points. Trees may only be placed on jungle tiles.

Glompers eat Kiwis. If a Glomper eats 5 Kiwis, it will spawn another Glomper.

Walls stop any animal from moving across them.

Traps kill any animal moving across them.

The bulldozer will allow you to remove Walls, Traps, and Trees.

If you are zoomed in, you may use WASD or the arrow keys to pan the camera.