Aery – Calm Mind 2 Review

Aery – Calm Mind 2 is a decent game, but it won’t convert you to the series. Still, if you’ve been wary of the series, this new entry should make for an enjoyable hour of gameplay. In addition to its smooth gameplay, it is also a gateway to Xbox and chill games. Here are a few pros and cons. Hopefully, you’ll find this review useful.

Review of Aery – Calm Mind 2

Aery – Calm Mind is the eighth game in the broader 'Aery’ series. It offers a stripped-down experience. While the levels are decent and the controls are serviceable, the game itself is largely pointless. Each time you touch a surface in the game, your world is reset and you’re back at square one. The lack of worthwhile interactivity and poor gameplay make Aery – Calm Mind 2 an unsatisfying experience.

The game has several elements that make it unique, but they don’t take away from the relaxation experience it offers. It does not have any enemies, danger or worry, making it perfect for a relaxing time on the PC. While Aery – Calm Mind 2 may not be the most polished game on the market, the game is free of other distractions, allowing players to enjoy the scenery and feel the calming effects of flight.

The graphics are excellent. The pixelated graphics are beautiful, and the gameplay is simple, but the pacing is slow. The game’s simplicity makes it a great fit for people who are looking for a way to calm themselves. The game has a simple objective, which is to guide a little bird through different worlds to find missing feathers. It also has excellent voice acting, which adds to the immersion.


The Aery – Calm Mind game for Nintendo Switch is a relaxing experience that can’t be missed. The game features a relaxing atmosphere and beautiful scenery. This game is a continuation of the Aery series and has some of the same gameplay mechanics as its predecessor. However, this game is not fully polished yet. You can’t progress through the game’s levels until you’ve collected all the crystals. It also has some difficulties in the levels, but these won’t deter you from playing it.

Aery – Calm Mind 2 is an interactive video game. Developed by EpiXR Games UG, this game is a unique experience that offers engaging features and quality gameplay. Aery – Calm Mind 2 captures the essence of the simulator genre and injects a new perspective. If you’re tired of the same old games, you’ll be glad you tried this one. Aery – Calm Mind 2 is a unique experience for gamers who enjoy a simple and minimalistic flight game.

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Aery – Calm Mind is a relaxing and interactive game designed to relieve stress and anxiety. It immerses players in beautiful landscapes, allowing them to experience the sensation of flight while focusing on relaxing activities. In this game, you’ll never feel trapped or anxious because you have no enemies. The game is designed to be played on a PC only, but it’s still worth a try if you’re looking for a relaxing game after a stressful day.


The first Aery game, Aery – Dreamscape, was released in 2022. Aery – Calm Mind 2 will follow soon after. The calming, relaxing experience that accompanies this game is the hallmark of the entire series. The controls are similar to previous Aery games, such as Murder Diaries and Life of Fly. In Aery – Calm Mind 2, you will control your wing as the eponymous character.

Aery – Calm Mind 2 is the eighth installment of the series, and is an unapologetically „fun” game. The controls are simple, but they aren’t without problems. Despite the lack of real world objects, the game’s physics are excellent. You can fly at various speeds and maneuver through a wide range of environments, but this game’s most challenging level is the Underwater level.

While the game is similar to its predecessor, Aery – Calm Mind 2 is far easier to play. It features the same gameplay mechanics as Aery, with players controlling a bird to collect magical crystals. The game features a wide variety of environments, calming music, and atmospheric environments. It’s a third person view with an emphasis on scenic beauty. There are also multiple levels, making the game a great choice for those who want to relax.


Aery – Calm Mind 2 is a Simulation game published by EpiXR Games UG on March 29, 2022. This interactive sport focuses on relaxing your mind and soul. You will explore lovely landscapes and collect magical crystals. You can even learn more about the history of these crystals by watching a tutorial video. The graphics of Aery – Calm Mind 2 are outstanding. You should consider playing the game on a PC with minimum system requirements.

The game’s low-polygon graphics are attractive, but the game has some shortcomings. During the tutorial stage, the game will reset you to the beginning of the level, so you should be prepared for this. However, this problem is not a deal-breaker, as you can replay any level to improve your score. The game has many achievements to unlock, such as a new skill for completing levels. The game also features a virtual bird that can flap its wings, turn, and soar.

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The game has new levels, as well as familiar locations from the first installment. Some locations are a sandy wasteland, a futuristic city, a land full of dinosaurs, or an ice-capped canyon. The graphics in Aery – Calm Mind 2 are colorful and simple, and they’ll help you focus. You’ll need to be at least level 15 to complete the game, so you’ll want to get an early start.

Aery – Calm Mind 2 requires a minimum of 4GB of RAM. If you’re running Windows 7, you should consider an Intel Core i7-610 CPU. The minimum requirement for a graphics card is a NVIDIA GeForce 256. You’ll also need to have 2GB of free disk space. In addition to the minimum system requirements, Aery – Calm Mind 2 requires a graphics card with a resolution of at least 1680 x 1440 pixels.


If you enjoyed the first Aery game, you’ll likely want to pick up the sequel to calm your mind. The second installment of the series has some of the same features as its predecessor, but adds a checkpoint system. The checkpoint system helps you continue playing after you’ve completed a level, preventing you from starting over. Aery – Calm Mind 2 is a relaxing game with great visuals, and a decent soundtrack. The game’s only real faults come from its poor contrast and random annoyances.

While Aery – Calm Mind 2 has some good ideas, it is a far cry from what its predecessors did, which was a major part of its appeal. It borrows models from previous games, including the underwater levels, but doesn’t take them directly. Instead, it refines them visually and reduces the claustrophobic nature of some areas. The game is not without faults, though, and Aery – Calm Mind 2 is a great leap forward for the Aery series.

Another problem with the first game is that it is largely pointless. The game features decent level scenery, serviceable controls, and decent music, but there’s no sense in playing the game if you can’t figure out where you’re going. It’s a shame, but at least it’s an interesting entry point for those who enjoy gaming, while excluding most of the other games in the series.

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