Battlefield 4 Express Train Guide

You can unlock the F2000 by unlocking the Express Train assignment, but the requirements to do it are high. Getting 10 kill assists or killing ten opponents in one round is extremely hard, but if you can achieve it, you’ll have unlocked the F2000. This guide will help you unlock F2000 and start playing the game! We’ll go over all of these in detail. And don’t forget to check out our Battlefield 4 Express Train review!

Game’s multiplayer

The express is a good choice for players who don’t like playing the same type of map repeatedly. It has a medium-sized map with claustrophobic surroundings. The crowded environment forces players to constantly move forward and never stop. While this map has many benefits, there are some areas that players should avoid. Listed below are some of these areas:

During a game, players must take down the enemy on three separate occasions. The player spawns in a position on the train, so most players will land there. To avoid getting killed in this way, players can try to land on high structures that are close to the train. Once on a high structure, players can pick off enemies from a distance. The game is split into three teams, with three teams each fighting against the other.

The multiplayer mode is one of the game’s main attractions. The game is designed to make multiplayer the main focus, but the single player campaign isn’t very deep, despite its shallow nature. The game’s multiplayer mode is a huge plus, making it one of the best shooters of 2011 and a must-buy for any Battlefield fan. There are also several modes that players can play through in battle, including the classic Commander.

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The express train is one of the new weapons in Battlefield 4, and players can unlock this weapon by completing tasks in the game. This weapon is a powerful assault rifle with an impressive rate of fire and low recoil. The F2000 has a range of up to 40 meters, and requires a long empty reload time. It can also equip a special optic, known as the F2000 (1.6x). However, this weapon cannot mount underbarrel attachments.


If you love vehicular warfare, Battlefield 4 has a vehicle for you. There are a variety of vehicles that you can drive and use to do damage to your enemies. The game also has a new mechanic known as Critical Hit, which replaces the disabling mechanic that vehicles experienced during the previous game. When this mechanic is triggered, a vehicle loses power and control for a brief period of time. Once you regain control, you can use your vehicle again and finish the mission.

There are thirteen different vehicle categories in the Battlefield 4 game. These include stationary weapons, tanks, and cars. Two of these categories are vehicles that will appear on specific maps or in certain game modes. Most vehicles are equipped with seats for two passengers and some even feature mounted weapons that the players can control. You’ll also be able to control the mounted weapons on some of the vehicles in Battlefield 4.

Customisation options

There are many ways to customise the express train in Battlefield 4. These options allow players to choose what weapons they carry as well as the colours of the indicators that appear on the screen. The Express Train is a great way to travel from point A to point B and can be fully customisable to suit your personal preferences. The following are some of the possible options. If you are unsure of which option you want, you can always choose a base vehicle and then make modifications to it in the future.

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There are many different weapon and vehicle loadout options available in Battlefield 4. The primary weapon has different options for attachments and the secondary weapon has camouflage skins to match the map. Most weapons have a default firing mode, but players can also change them to suit their surroundings. Customisation options also include player emblems that can be displayed on weapon and uniforms. Vehicle loadouts also feature countermeasures, paint, and field upgrades.

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