Breath of the Wild BotW Lover’s Pond Guide

If you’re a fan of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, you’re probably wondering how to complete the BotW lovers pond quest. In this article, we’ll discuss where to find each lover’s pond in Hyrule and how to complete it. This guide will cover everything from which Hyrule lover’s pond to go to for the Korok lover’s pond.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild’s Lover’s Pond

If you want to find the real Lover’s Pond, you’ll need to travel to far southeast Hyrule. It can be reached by traversing Tuft Mountain, a remote mountain peak west of the capital city of Hyrule. You’ll need to gather Hearty Radishes for this quest, and nearby NPCs will offer you love-making quests. You can also use Nightshade to seal your love deals.

The quest starts with you meeting a shy, nervous young man named Wabbin. He wants to fall in love with the Gerudo girl Perda. Wabbin will reward you with 20 rupees for delivering the blue nightshade, but his new girlfriend will scold you for being so cheap. Luckily, you’ll find a Treasure Chest inside the pond, along with a Throwing Spear. The Treasure Chest will open with the Magnesis Rune.

There are two „Lover’s Ponds” in Hyrule. The first one is the main Lover’s Pond and the second is called the Heartbreak Pond. Both are small ponds that are low-key compared to other ponds. Link can get to Heartbreak Pond from Hateno Village by walking up the hill. Its name comes from the heart-shaped broken heart it contains.

The third Lover’s Pond quest is called „Peak of Awakening”. This quest takes you to a mountain near Tuft Mountain, but you can also find Lurelin on the map. It’s a nifty touch from Nintendo. Visiting Lurelin is like a trip down memory lane. This mission is a great way to remember the Wind Waker adventure.

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Locations of lover’s ponds in Hyrule

The real Lover’s Pond is located in the far southeast of Hyrule, near the Lurelin Village. To reach it, take the path west of Tuft Mountain. The pond is full of Hearty Radishes, and nearby NPCs will give you love-making quests. While there, pick up a Nightshade to seal your love deal.

The enchanted clothing store counter contains a book. The book is the first in a series of „Rumor Mill” gossip books that are scattered throughout Breath of the Wild. The book also suggests that Link should visit the Lover’s Pond, though this is not a side quest in the traditional sense. Nonetheless, it is a fun sidequest to complete.

Lover’s Pond quest

If you want to find a secret heart-shaped pond in Breath of the Wild, try completing the quest Lover’s Pond. It’s an adorable sidequest that rewards you with a beautiful view of the area. To complete this quest, you must travel to Tuft Mountain in the north-west of the map. The southeast part of the map also contains a separate pond called Broken Heart Pond.

Korok pond

In the Korok pond in BOTW lovers – a location you must explore to unlock the corresponding quest, you must first use Stasis and Magnesis to place the metal balls on rocks. The korok is spotted on the beach and around rocky outcroppings. It is possible to catch a korok by pushing a boulder into a hole.

A second Korok can be found on the northwest side of the mountain. This one contains a Magnesis block puzzle, but it has a different effect than the Tuft Mountain. This theory is based on research by other users, but has not been confirmed by Nintendo. While you can find a Korok in the Korok pond, you may not have enough to complete the quest.

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There are several Korok around Hateno Village. The most visible one is on the peak of Purrah’s laboratory. To reach the peak and collect the Korok, use Revali’s Gale. Alternatively, you can dive into the ring of plants in the pond to get the Korok Seed. There are several Korok around the area, so make sure you check the area in which you can find the Korok.

Mubs quest

The Mubs quest on BotW’s Lover’s Pond is quite different from the one found in the main game. This quest will not trigger a sidequest, but it will reward players with new areas to explore. Getting started on this quest will be the most difficult part of the quest chain. You can expect a few obstacles on the way, but this is entirely normal. There are some ways to avoid them.

The pond on Ebon Mountain

The enchanting pond of love is a mystical location in World of Warcraft. Located on Tuft Mountain in Faron Province, this heart-shaped lake is said to be the ideal place to find true love, and is home to a treasure chest and Throwing Spear. This pond also contains a counterpart on Ebon Mountain, which is shaped like a broken heart. Despite their similarity, both ponds are home to Hylian Mimos, and Link must avoid them to fulfill his quest.

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