Breath of the Wild Red Switch Shirt

If you’ve already purchased the Season Pass, you may have heard about the Nintendo Switch t-shirt. This shirt is exclusive to Season Pass owners, and it looks like you’re wearing a Nintendo employee shirt. The t-shirt can be found in the bluey-purple chest found in the Ja Baij Shrine in the Eastern Abbey. Link will need it when the Guardians start attacking him.

Red Switch t-shirt

Purchasing the Zelda Breath of the Wild Season Pass will grant you the red Switch t-shirt. You will receive the t-shirt along with other DLC items. Nintendo has announced that the red Switch t-shirt is only available to Season Pass owners. This shirt is a rare find, so be sure to buy it if you have your heart set on purchasing it. We have some tips for those who want to score one of these exclusive items.

This t-shirt features the classic Mario and his garrison of Goombas. The right sleeve features Mario’s signature „M” emblem, perfect for showing off your fandom in profile. Remember to follow the washing and care instructions on your Nintendo Switch Red Switch t-shirt to maintain its pristine appearance. You should machine wash it in cold water and tumble dry it on low. Make sure not to iron the decoration.

Tunic in Breath of the Wild

In Breath of the Wild, you can obtain a red Nintendo Switch shirt as a reward for purchasing the Season Pass. You can find this shirt near Scout’s Hill, south of Eastern Abbey, or near the Hylia River. Although this shirt offers no unique bonuses, it’s still a fun way to show off your Nintendo love. In screenshots, it’s especially good for showing off your Nintendo Switch!

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The Nintendo Switch Shirt is one of the rarest items in Breath of the Wild. It is available only through the Expansion Pass and can be found in an Eastern Abbey chest near the Ja Baij Shrine. Its base defense stat is just one, making it useless for fighting opponents. This armor type cannot be enhanced, dyed, or improved in any way. Those looking for this item should be prepared to spend some time hunting for it.

While purchasing the Switch shirt, remember to save your money for the Expansion Pass. This will enable you to purchase more DLC in the future. For this price, you can get a red Switch shirt. In Breath of the Wild, you can buy as many as four shirts. However, you should know that the Switch t-shirt in the Season Pass is only available to Season Pass owners.

Season pass t-shirt

For those who have purchased the Season Pass, you can get a Nintendo Switch t-shirt for yourself! Available in red and blue colors, the Switch t-shirt is a cool way to show your support for the game. Nintendo has also confirmed that the t-shirt is exclusive to owners of the Season Pass. Interested? Here are the details. Just remember that the Switch t-shirt is limited to a specific number of pieces, so act quickly!

The Nintendo Switch Shirt is one of the few items available for purchase through the Season Pass. It is a bonus item in the game Breath of the Wild, and can only be obtained via the Expansion Pass. This t-shirt comes with the Nintendo Switch logo on the front and is extremely rare, so you will want to act fast if you plan to obtain it! The shirt can also be dyed by visiting the Kochi Dye Shop, but this option is not available for the Wii U version of the game.

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