Cat Quest – How to Get Keys in CatQuest

So you want to finish the Cat Quest? You may be wondering how to get keys in CatQuest. You can level up your cattrap or find a golden chest. Or you might be curious how to defeat mimics and get master keys. Whatever the case may be, this guide will give you some tips to make the quest go smoothly. Read on to learn more. This article will show you how to get keys in CatQuest!

Leveling up Cattrap

As an animal hero, leveling up Cattrap is a must-do task. The cat’s ability to mimic other animals is a powerful weapon that can quickly and effectively kill players. You can also level up the cat by using Freezepaw, which makes the animal slow while it recharges its mana. If you are not able to use Freezepaw to kill the enemy, use the other spells in your inventory to get the requisite mana and XP.

Obtaining a master key

Obtaining a master key is the goal of the cat quest, and it can be done in many ways. First of all, you can go to the lighthouse. If you have already been to the lighthouse, you can continue with the quest by visiting a treasure chest in the bay. After you have found the treasure chest, you can head back to the lighthouse and talk to the cat mage.

You can obtain a master key in Cat Quest by completing a side quest that awards the gold chests that are hidden in different caves. Obtaining a master key can be done at any point in the game, but it’s advisable to start early. The game’s main questline begins in Founder’s Island, a small town with feline representations of the developers.

Using a fast travel tower will allow you to quickly travel to various locations in the game. The far west of this area will bring you back to the South Pawt village, and the fast travel tower is just to your north. You will also have to talk to two cats in a circle of trees, one of which will be the final quest. Once you’ve finished the cat quest, you’ll be taken back to the village.

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Obtaining a golden chest

Obtaining a golden chest in Cat Quest is the first step to unlocking the most sought-after items in the game. These chests are located in the Kit Cat’s shop and are easily found in most dungeons. They cannot be opened with bare paws, and contain a separate pool of gear. This gear is far superior to the regular chests, and the stats are significantly higher than the ordinary ones. It is definitely worth completing the task of opening one.

There are two ways to get a Golden Key in Cat Quest 2. The first method is to kill the mimic, which is level 99. It has a single melee attack that deals 9,999 damage. If you manage to kill one of them, you’ll have a chance of obtaining a Golden Key that will unlock any of the Golden Chests on the world map. Obtaining a Golden Chest in the Hidden Cave’s first room will grant you access to The Architect, an item that increases your magic attacks and spell costs.

Another method is to head to Founder’s Island, which is located in the southeast portion of the Cat Quest 2 map. From there, you’ll need to pan down to find the island. This will be the first step in obtaining a Golden Chest. Once you reach this island, you’ll need to learn how to walk on water, as the island is located at the bottom of the world map.

In Cat Quest II, you’ll need to travel to the Hidden Cave. It is located in Felingard and is east of Catnip Farm and west of King Lionardo’s Ruins. There, you’ll find chests that drop coins and the Golden Key. These chests have only one attack, but it’s worth the effort. You can complete these chests when you reach level 99.

Defeating mimics

If you’re having trouble defeating the Mimics in the game, don’t worry. We have the best method to defeat these creatures. Mimics are level 99 enemies with a devastating melee attack. The first step to defeating them is to equip a Golden Key. This item can open all Golden Chests in the Cat Quest world map. Then, open a Golden Chest in the first room of Hidden Cave to obtain The Architect. This item increases your magical attack speed and decreases the cost of spells.

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There are many ways to defeat mimics in Cat Quest. In this guide, we will teach you how to defeat five Mimics. This will save you time and frustration while completing the quest. However, you should note that you can only kill them one time. This method is very difficult and should only be used if you have an abundance of patience and know how to kill these creatures. Taking out all five Mimics will give you the Golden Key.

After defeating the first two Mimics, it is time to face the fourth one. This time, you must face a Dog. The Dog uses a melee attack, a wind spell and summons slow moving missiles. The attack does a lot of damage, and the missiles do over 800 damage. Lastly, you have to kill the final boss, Kit. If you are struggling, you can check our leveling mini-guide for tips on how to defeat the last two Mimics in Cat Quest.

The second mimic that you should defeat is the Flame Dragon. It has two attacks that are very difficult to avoid. You should try to roll outside of the damage circle. This will help you dodge the attack. If you’re able to dodge it, then you’ll be able to get several hits on it before it dies. This enemy can also be eliminated by using a fire spell. You can also use a ranged attack to deal with it.

If you’re a beginner to Cat Quest, you may be wondering how to defeat these monsters. The main aim of the game is to rescue the cat-napped sister. You can also learn how to obtain coins and upgrade your gears to fight off the creatures and get higher levels. You can also learn more about the game by using our cat-friendly strategy guide. Just make sure you take the time to find a strategy that works for you!

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