How to Get a Huge Battlefield 4 XP Boost

If you are looking to get a huge XP boost in Battlefield 4, you are in the right place. There are a variety of ways to do so – Fireteam XP boosts, Win XP boosts, and Double XP boosts. Let’s look at each one in detail. Once you know how to get them, you can go on to enjoy the game to the fullest.

Double XP

If you are a Battlefield Premium member, you can take advantage of the latest double XP event starting Jan. 3 at 8am ET. During the event, you can earn twice as much XP in Battlefield 4. You will have 58 hours to earn double XP. During the event, you can also get a free Battlefield 4 Premium subscription, a great way to earn more XP in Battlefield 4.

Double XP in Battlefield 4 is a game-changing event. Every Friday for a certain period, you’ll get double XP on your favorite classes. It also gives you an extra boost in some other game modes, such as team deathmatches or Blood Money mode in Hardline. The best part about double XP is that you can make use of it to get a higher rank and level up more quickly. However, double XP doesn’t apply to vehicles and classes.

The launch of Battlefield 4 was accompanied by several issues, such as game crashes and server issues. In order to make the game more user-friendly, developers of the game are offering double XP in multiplayer games from November 28 to December 5. As an added bonus, players will also get a free M1911 3x scope on December 5th. There is no limit on how many times you can take advantage of this new feature.

Quadruple XP

Double XP events in Battlefield 1 are rare, but occasionally feature an extra boost. Known as „Community Boosts,” double XP adds four times the amount of XP at the end of a match. Quadruple XP only appears in Battlefield 4 and works similarly to double XP, but with a four-fold multiplier. There were only two such events this year, on April 15 and August 19, respectively.

The benefits of this bonus are obvious: doubling your XP will get you twice as much experience as normal, but there are also ways to make your rewards even better. To start with, try double weapon XP, which gives you two hundred percent more experience. For every one hundred of these items you purchase, you will get two more for free. And if you are already leveling up, you’ll get four times as many weapons, which will give you plenty of extra XP to upgrade and level up your character.

Another way to double your XP is to buy XP boosts. These can be bought with Riot Points or Influence Points. Double XP weekends are great opportunities for boosting your level. A double XP weekend means a boost equal to three times more experience. Using big boosts during double XP weekends will give you a noticeable boost in your game.

Fireteam XP boost

One of the best ways to earn extra XP in Battlefield 4 is to use a Fireteam XP boost. These items provide you with a one hour boost in gameplay, and they are cumulative. Unlike other boosts, your boost won’t be lost if you quit the game or crash. If you do crash, just resume the game and you’ll continue to earn XP.

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Depending on your class, you may be able to get extra XP if you coordinate your teammates’ attacks. For example, if you’re a Hunter, you can boost your teammates’ XP with dodge moves. A warlock, meanwhile, can use his Type 88 Heavy Assault Rifle to fire more shots. You can also increase your fireteam’s lethality by using Supers.

You can also take advantage of the double XP events in Battlefield 4. These events are usually held during the initial launch of the game or right before DLC drops. While future events don’t help you level up quickly in the beginning, they’re great for infrequent players looking for a quick boost. You can combine these events with the XP boosts from Battlepacks, which stack with each other.

Win XP boost

If you’re looking to get a win XP boost in Battlefield 4, you have several options. The 'Per Win’ boost adds 210 XP per game, and you’ll earn XP for every kill you make. The XP boost doesn’t stack with other items, though they multiply with double-XP weekends. However, if you’re using an 'Upgrade’ win XP boost, it will grant you three times as much XP, and it won’t affect your battle pass apex, which is 12000.

Double XP is another way to boost your XP. It’s the same concept as the XP boosts but works differently. Double XP only doubles your XP after winning certain actions. If you’re a jet, that will increase your XP by six times. Another option is to use the 'Winning Bonus’. In order to get the winning bonus, you’ll need to be playing a game with a multiplayer mode.

When playing Battlefield 4, you’ll need to use the right tools. One way to gain more XP is by earning medals. Each week, a new set of medals is released. Pick a medal that suits your play style and preferences. By doing this, you’ll level up much faster. For example, a medic medal will grant you much more XP than an assault medal. You should also choose a class that is good at healing or suppressing fire. These actions are all valuable to your team, and will give you the edge over your opponents.

Double XP tokens

If you are in the process of leveling up in the multiplayer mode of Battlefield 4, you can consider purchasing double XP tokens. These timed consumables double your XP in the game for a specified period of time. You can earn these tokens by completing challenges in-game or redeeming Activision codes. To use your tokens, equip them into your Warzone equipment to experience a double XP boost. The timer will automatically begin when you equip your token, and will remain active even if you log out and restart the game. You can also buy equipment, which will give you a tactical advantage, as well as additional XP during multiplayer.

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Double XP tokens can be used in conjunction with XP boosts to get the maximum amount of experience. The two bonuses work in the same way. Double XP boosts multiply your XP by two or more, while Double XP works for specific actions. However, the XP boosts will only boost your XP for specific actions, such as taking damage.

Double XP events

Apparently, Battlefield 4 Premium players were supposed to receive a double XP event on December 30, but that has been delayed until January. The event itself is still listed on the Battlefield 4 Premium calendar, but there is no explanation for why DICE pushed the date back. We will keep you posted on when the next double XP event will be, so stay tuned! In the meantime, here are some tips to maximize your Battlefield 4 experience during the current free-to-play season.

First, you can double your XP in Battlefield 4 by spending as little as four dollars during the event. You can also collect dog-tags, which will give you a huge boost in the game’s leveling system. There are two double XP events in Battlefield 4, one for each day of the month. During the December double XP event, you will earn two extra levels per kill.

The second event offers a special microtransaction bundle that is free for players. It contains nine items, including a Legendary Operator Skin, two Legendary Weapon Blueprints, and a Battle Pass Tier Skip. However, the microtransactions will eventually return to the store as premium items. So, players should plan their purchases accordingly. For the time being, the max double XP event is free for all players.


Levelling artefacts can be a powerful way to increase your XP in Battlefield 4. Every season in the game grants you a new artefact, which comes with new season-specific mods. You can then use these mods to increase your levelling artefact’s power level. This way, you can increase your gear level average without having to spend a lot of time levelling.

An Artifact is a piece of equipment that confers perks both in battle and in the field. These perks can range from stat boosts to shop discounts or reduced required items for cooking and forging. Once you equip an arte, it is added to your character’s inventory. You can turn them on or off by choosing them from the field guide menu or pressing the triangle button. The artefacts effect screen allows you to equip a second set of artes to maximize their benefits.

Weapon Enhancements increase a warrior’s lethality in battle. To apply a Weapon Enhancement, choose the model of a unit and the weapon equipped by that model. Make sure to select the weapon before applying the Artefact. Boosts do not expire even if the game crashes or you quit. So, if you’re not satisfied with your XP gain, simply buy another artefact to continue your leveling.

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