Luigi’s Mansion 3 Floor 8 Key Walkthrough

If you’re not sure how to get the Luigi’s Mansion 3 floor eight key, read on! In this walkthrough, you’ll learn how to defeat Polterkitty, defeat Hellen Gravely, and dislodge a Pterodactyl skeleton. We’ll also cover how to move a potted plant! So let’s get started!

Battle Polterkitty

The game’s boss fights are not difficult, but the Polterkitty is no easy feat. She evades Luigi’s attacks twice and makes Luigi go back to previous floors to hide. Luigi must go back to all three floors to track her down. To do this, he must shine a flashlight on her and expose her. Once Luigi manages to defeat her, she will flee to the 7F.

There are three different encounters with Polterkitty in this part of the game. Each encounter begins in a cute kitty form, with the Polterkitty transitioning to a menacing shape before you can attack. You must be quick enough to dodge a Polterkitty’s attack, or she will transform and attack you.

The second encounter occurs on the third floor. This time, Polterkitty has a stage casket in which her swords stick out. To defeat Polterkitty, Luigi and Gooigi must fire a plunger shot into each of the front panels of the casket. Luigi then shoots Spooky dog’s float to send him to floor 7. Afterwards, Luigi must finish the last fight by using a suction cup on his head.

The third floor of the game features a new boss, King Boo. Unlike the previous versions, King Boo’s look has been redesigned. In the E3 2019 trailer, the game also revealed that the Ghost of King Boo has a different appearance. As the final boss, King Boo appears in a different form. However, the game still has the same basic structure, so it’s still possible to defeat him in the game.

Dislodge a Pterodactyl skeleton

To get the third level’s key, you must dislodge a Ptero Dactyl skeleton. The game is difficult enough, so follow these instructions for the first three levels. You will need to use the hammer to dislodge the skeleton so you can move on to the next floor. Then, head to the floor 8 key. The next level’s Dinosaur Attack is located on the floor of the mansion. It is easy to get confused with the different items and locations. But don’t worry, because I have written a detailed strategy for the level for you!

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Defeat Hellen Gravely

When attempting to beat the game, Hellen Gravely is one of the toughest bosses to beat in the entire game. He uses Gooigi to manipulate the world around him and has many more abilities than the other bosses in the game. The best way to deal with Hellen Gravely is to keep your head up and avoid his lasers. Use Gooigi to close down his laser grid, and look at high ground to avoid his rays.

After defeating the boss, the final task is to return to the hotel and save the ghosts. The ghosts that inhabit the mansion are mostly young girls who are magicians. In one room, the furniture is rotated and moves in a circular fashion. The same can be said for the bedroom of Sue Pea, which is upside-down in the first game. One ghost that can fool Luigi’s Boo Radar is a white beach ball with a spooky face on it.

If you can’t beat Hellen Gravely without help, then you need to collect some keys from her crypt to proceed to the next level. Using the Strobulb and the Strobeulb will help you collect the button for Floor B2. Once you’ve collected all the keys, head to the elevator. Luigi will be attacked by Hellen Gravely’s spectral cat companion.

Move a potted plant

In Mario Bros. series, Floor 8 is one of the most difficult floors. There is a boss called Dr. Potter that can be quite annoying. The boss’s potted plant will try to lunge at Luigi, so you need to stop it by cutting the stem. Then you need to move it to a spot where Luigi can plant it.

In order to find this key, you must move a potted plant to Luigi’s mansion 3 floor 8 puzzle. The first puzzle has you enter a room with a green gem. It is located on the first floor elevator. Use the Strobulb to destroy the plant. It is near the plant. Turn the valve to the right and exit through the right entrance. Then, use the dark-light device to fill the gap.

Find a treasure

In Mario Party: World Tour, floor eight is the last level. Luigi and Gooigi need to find the purple gem. In this area, Luigi must stand on a circular area to get access to the gem. The gem is inside a yellow painting and can be found by standing on a trophy case. The next task is to activate the Boom Box and switch to channel 3. When the Boom Box is switched to channel 3, it will spawn a gem ghost. Then, you need to run along all unlit squares and position Gooigi so that he can grab the gem.

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There is a hidden room below the right-side bathroom. To find it, use the shadow light feature and a crystal ghost. After defeating the ghost, the purple gem will be revealed. Once inside, Luigi must rotate a gear to release the gem. He must then use the lever to get to the treasure. If he fails to use the lever, the ghost orchestra will attack him.

Next, climb the small ladder to the backstage room. Gooigi’s shadow will appear on the black and white abstract Boo art. Use a Poltergust to rotate the pedestal. Once he’s at the right angle, the shadow will match the silhouette of a Boo. After matching the shadow with the silhouette of a Boo, Luigi’s shadow will appear on the pedestal. After locating the gem, Luigi will use the black Gem to unlock the door.

Defeat a ghost

Defeat a ghost on floor 8 in Super Mario Odyssey. The boss is dressed like a ghost and is riding a wooden steed with a shield. You must first get rid of the enemies in the room by shoving the Strobulb at them and bouncing them back. Once you have sunk it, use a plunger to shoot it, or use Strobulb to stun it. When you’ve successfully done this, the boss will break off and go after you.

The boss of the level is called Morty, and you need to defeat him to complete the level. When you defeat the ghost, you’ll receive a prize, the elevator button. After defeating the ghost, go back to the elevator and press the button to get the key to floor 8. After you’ve defeated the boss on floor 8, you’ll be able to move on to the next level of the hotel.

The next part of the level is a possessed trash can. You can use a suction shot to grab the center front part of the trash can and slam it to the floor. You can also use the project dark light to capture pink spirit orbs. If you can’t get the trash can, you can use Project Dark Light to capture them.

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