Medved Taiga National Park

Medved-Taiga National Park is home to dramatic environments, including a massive sinkhole and the Drunken Forest. Permafrost has forced trees to grow shallow roots, tilting them and forming a dramatic landscape known as the Drunken Forest. The elements have also taken its toll on rock formations, grinding down the Lena Pillars and carving them into strange shapes.


If you are looking for a challenge, Medved Taiga National Park is the place for you! Situated deep in the mountains and frozen valleys of Siberia, this game’s terrain is both challenging and rewarding! The frozen landscape is dotted with Moose, Lynx, Brown Bear, and Musk Deer. There are also larger species like the elusive Moose. If you’re up for the challenge, you can take on these animals and more.

To get a closer look at these animals, take note of the feeding times. These times are approximate and do not reflect the actual feeding hours of the moose. Feed zones for the moose in Medved Taiga National Park are listed below. You can view them during the breeding season from October through May. If you are lucky, you may even see twins! Moose can live up to seven or eight years in the wild. Moose in captivity can live for 20 years or more.

Brown Bear

The brown bear inhabits the remote northern areas of Siberia, Russia. Its body is barrel-shaped, with prominent withers and high, five-toed paws. Its claws are approximately 12 cm long, and it has virtually no tail, only about 20 cm long. Its head is massive and elongated, and it has large ears, a high forehead, and a large muzzle. The bears hibernate from late summer to early fall, depending on the external climate. They are active most during daylight hours, and they follow areas where nuts and berries are ripening.

The brown bear is a representative species of the forest and is the most abundant land predator. It is often associated with dense forests, but it can also live in tundra and alpine areas. The male bear lives by himself, while the female is paired with a cub. The male bear prefers the tundra, while the female prefers alpine meadows. Visiting the park and watching the bears is a fun and educational activity.

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The brown bear is one of the largest carnivores in the world. Although they are often considered omnivores, their high nutritional needs make them a top priority on the conservation list. Their habitat is being reduced as human populations expand. The species is being targeted for hunting and sometimes for their paws and gall bladders. This can be detrimental to the brown bear’s genetic future, making the animals even more endangered.


In the Russian Far East, hunting a Lynx is not the only way to experience the beauty of the taiga. Medved-Taiga National Park is a large and diverse game with new storylines. It also offers a variety of multiplayer games to match your gaming skills and the level of difficulty. The game’s new multiplayer mode allows you to hunt multiple animals in a single day, and you’ll have the opportunity to compete with your friends or other players.

Black Bear

If you are a hunter, you’ll probably love the opportunity to see the majestic Black Bear in the Medved-Taiga National Park. This 25 square-mile reserve is found in the north of Siberia, so you can expect to have to navigate a mix of frozen bays, drunken forests, and rugged tundra. Along the way, you’ll encounter the majestic Moose, ferocious Black Bear, and ghostly Lynx.

While it’s true that the Black Bear is a very strong and powerful animal, it will rarely attack a human without provocation. It’s known for attacking victims, and it can even tear off their scalp. The bear’s reputation in British India has made it difficult for the park to be protected. However, if you’re brave enough to brave the Himalayan Black Bear in the park, you’ll have a memorable experience.

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Alena Khasavovna

The game takes place in the remote regions of Medved taiga national park, a landscape that’s often covered in snow. Alena Khasavovna is a highly-trained climatologist who comes from a reindeer herding tribe. The expedition, however, doesn’t go as smoothly as she had hoped. She is challenged with helping the locals, while also gathering a group of friends to ensure her expedition’s success.

The game’s narrative is brand-new, and it features 32 main missions and fifty side missions. You play as an expert hunter and survivalist, assisting Alena Khasavovna on a scientific expedition. The game features a variety of animal species, including a bear that weighs up to 482kg – almost as much as a Roosevelt Elk! You’ll find countless unique sights and prey in the Medved taiga national park and will feel the thrill of discovery.

Multiplayer games in medved taiga national park

The multi-player games in the Medved-Taiga National Park will have you running in your underwear to find animals and fend off enemies. The Medved-Taiga Map is set in a 25-square-mile reserve of Siberia in Northern Asia. Several species of animals live in the park, including the majestic Moose, Lynx, and Reindeer. This pristine region is also home to a mighty sinkhole, towering rock pillars, tilted forests, and the elusive Lynx. There are 32 missions and 50 side missions, each with a unique set of clothes and weapons.

The landscape of the Medved-Taiga National Park is truly spectacular. The permafrost of the area has created a massive sinkhole in the forest, forcing trees to grow shallow roots and tilt themselves, creating a unique landscape known as the Drunken Forest. Even the rock formations are not immune to the elements, as the Lena Pillars have been carved and ground down by the elements for millennia.

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