Metro Last Light Tower Pack Review

Developer Deep Silver has just announced that the next DLC for Metro: Last Light will be a Tower Pack. The Tower Pack will be available on Xbox Live, PlayStation Network, and Steam on September 3rd in North America, and on September 4th in Europe. You can find out more about it in our review below. We’ll also discuss the game’s Multiplayer modes, gunplay, and the Developer pack, so you’ll know what to expect from this DLC.

Review of Metro: Last Light’s second DLC

The second round of DLC for Metro: Last Light is the Tower Pack. In this arena-based add-on, you’ll fight waves of mutants and humans while upgrading your weapons. While the combat is fun and varied, I wish the developers had thought of other interesting ways to contextualize the tower mode. Overall, Tower Pack is just a mediocre fragfest. But there are some redeeming qualities, and the Tower Pack is worth checking out.

The first part of the season pass is quite good, but the second DLC is less than stellar. Although this pack includes several new chapters, they are less original than the ones in the base game. It’s as if 4A Games has gone through the motions to produce this content, and have sacrificed the things that made the base game so memorable. Ultimately, it’s worth it if you liked Metro: Last Light enough to pay for the season pass.

While the game’s multiplayer mode is good, it’s lacking in the Tower Pack, which is the biggest draw of this pack. In the Tower Pack, you’ll have to fight through a virtual combat simulator and hordes of enemies. Each level increases in difficulty, and you’ll have to master the game’s combat mechanics in order to complete them. This DLC is well worth the price tag, so be sure to grab it before the release date.

For the most part, the Tower Pack is the most interesting of the four DLC packs available. The developers have managed to improve upon the original Metro game by including different arenas and a multiplayer challenge that’s worth checking out. I’d recommend getting the Tower pack if you love combat, but I’m not sure you’ll want to pay four dollars for it. If you’re a fan of Metro Last Light, you won’t want to miss this out.


While Metro 2033 had some problems with its AI, the game’s new version is a bit smoother and more fun. The game includes extra missions that let players play through the city from different factions and characters’ perspectives. Before tackling an extra mission, players should familiarize themselves with the location before beginning. Spider Lair, in particular, stands out among the others. The game also features a new way to take down enemies.

The Metro series is well-known for its satisfying combat, but its gunplay has long been a last resort. The character in the Metro series doesn’t run and gun like in Call of Duty or other first-person shooters, so the game’s enemies are very hard to take down. While Last Light’s ammo restriction made sense in the game’s real world setting, its Tower Pack’s similar restrictions don’t make much sense. It also has a checkpoint system that makes it difficult for players to die, which is a bummer.

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The combat in the Metro: Last Light Tower Pack DLC puts a focus on combat, which is essentially horde mode. While the gunplay in this DLC is passable, it’s not particularly satisfying. In this DLC, a trainee is sent deep into the archives and returns with a secret metro map. However, this DLC’s combat system has been rebalanced for the better.

Multiplayer modes

Metro Last Light features a huge array of multiplayer options. Whether you want to play with friends or compete in a multiplayer event, there’s something for everyone. Multiplayer modes include a variety of modes for teams of up to four players. You can also play with random opponents or challenge other people to see who can survive the longest. Multiplayer modes are a great way to meet new people and test your mettle against others.

To unlock cheats in Metro: Last Light, you can download the Tower Pack Trainer. This tool can unlock up to 44 cheats, including Unlimited Resources, Unlocked Towers, and Infinite Wingsuit Boost. You can also use the trainer on PC for free if you wish. The trainer automatically hides itself when not in use. This way, you don’t have to worry about cheating in-game.

The Tower Pack is essentially a Quake or Unreal experience through Metro. Players spend the majority of their time inside virtual arenas, shooting waves of enemies. Although the game does have a good combat model, the absence of interesting contextualization is a disappointment. Players must complete a full round in a single life, a frustrating fact for those who enjoy this game’s story. Despite the negatives, it’s still a fun game to play.

The Sniper Team mission in Metro: Last Light is a great way to experience the game’s great atmosphere and lighting. While it’s a bit challenging, you’ll be having a lot of fun while killing Nazis. Sadly, the stealth system is horrible and the game’s trademark deaf and blind guards step over corpses without raising an alarm. In addition to the Sniper Team mission, there’s the Kshatriya mission, which features elite Polis Rangers.

Developer pack

The third DLC for Metro: Last Light will include a new shooting range, museum, and arena. The shooting range is a great way to test out new weapons and see which ones work best, and the arena is a great place to get in some practice time with undead soldiers. The museum will contain models of all the characters in the game. If you like dogs, you probably won’t want to play this game.

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The Developer Pack will include two new levels and two to four hours of gameplay, 4 achievements worth 60 gamerscore, and a new game mode, the Spider Lair. There are also new challenges for players, like the Spiders’ Nest, where you can use fire or light to fight off the dangerous spiders. The Developer Pack is a great way to add new content to the game, and is included in the Season Pass.

This DLC will be available on Steam, Xbox Live, and PlayStation Network on September 3rd, and will include a new tower and AI arena. It will also include the Shooting Gallery and Metro Museum. If you’re into tower building and other tower-building, you’ll likely enjoy this Developer Pack. It’s worth noting that there are other meanings for „developer” in the Metro video game series.

The developer plans to release three more DLC packs after the Faction Pack. Each of these packs will feature three new single-player missions and new specialists. These DLC packs are priced at $4.99 for PC and $400 Microsoft Points for Xbox 360. The Developer Pack is a great way to explore new areas and try out new features. The developer pack for Metro Last Light is a great way to experience new features and play the game with new friends.


If you’re looking for cheat codes for Metro: Last Light, you’ve come to the right place! This cheat pack trainer has 44 cheat codes to make your game much easier. These codes unlock unlimited resources, exchange items, and more! You can even get unlimited health! The only thing that’s stopping you from getting unlimited health and resources in Metro: Last Light is your inability to find the towers you need! These cheat codes make it possible to complete the remaining missions with ease.

Thankfully, you can download the Metro: Last Light – Tower Pack Trainer for PC for free! It includes 44 cheat options and is available on the OpTrainers website. This second DLC for the game was released on September 3, 2010 for Xbox 360 and September 4 for PlayStation Network. The new pack is designed to offer new challenges for Metro veterans, and it’s even free! Regardless of your gaming skill level, you’ll be glad you have the tool to make this game even better!

The game is set 7 years after World War III. Your character is a remnant of Central Metro Command called Captain Chukotski, who’s been sent to help D6 scientists build a combat simulator. The simulator requires you to fight through a series of heavily guarded levels, with each level becoming more challenging. Along the way, you’ll encounter hordes of mutants, as well as boss enemies from the main campaign.

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