Outer Wilds Hidden Achievements

If you’ve been racking your brain trying to unlock Outer Wilds hidden achievements, then you’re not alone. The game offers a wealth of hidden content and many of these are not difficult to find. In this article, we’ll go over the Shrouded Woodland achievement, You’ll Never Take Me Alive achievement, and the Uncensored DLC achievement. Keep reading to learn more about these hidden achievements and how to unlock them!

You’ll Never Take Me Alive

The sequel to You’ll Never Take Me Alive in the Outer Wilds has been released! The story of the adventure game is set in the outback, where you will face the ultimate predator – a wolf. But before you begin your quest, you must prepare yourself for this final adventure. Prepare your gear and step carefully. Echoes of the Eye is available on PS4 and Xbox One on September 28th. Check back for more updates!

Shrouded Woodland

This hidden achievement requires you to find the „Shrouded Woodland” in the Outside World. The Shrouded Woodland is an area that is not inhabited by enemies. To find it, you must first enter the Starlit Cove and find the wooden statue with a hole in the middle. Once you’ve located the statue, use the Focus to summon a raft. From there, simply walk into the room to unlock the secret entrance.

To find this hidden achievement, you must navigate through the Shrouded Woodlands. This area is covered by water, and you’ll have to use an artifact to stay aware of your surroundings. You’ll also have to collect certain items. Once you have these items, you can use the starlit cove to sleep. Once you’re in the water, simply jump into it to wake up.

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Ghosts in the Machine

You can unlock all three forbidden archives in Ghosts in the Machine if you can reach them all in one loop. However, you can avoid these places by turning on Low-Scares Mode. Endless Canyon is the toughest location to avoid your pursuer, while Starlit Cove is slightly easier. To avoid your pursuer, dodge him on the ground level and stay on the left or right side of the underground.

The Outer Wilds achievements are only available in the Xbox, PlayStation 4, and Steam versions of the game. There are 31 achievements total, and 17 of them are from the base game. Some of the hidden achievements are references to movies and books, such as Deep Impact, From the Hearth to the Moon, and Indiana Jones. Despite the fact that the hidden achievements in Ghosts in the Machine aren’t obvious, they are nonetheless worth pursuing.

Outer Wilds has a time loop that runs for 22 minutes. Unless you die before the 22 minutes have elapsed, you must replay the level over to unlock the timer. The sun at the center of the system will begin to expand as a Red Giant at 11 minutes and then go supernova. The musical theme will begin at 20:40. The timer isn’t in-game, but it’s a cool touch for players who want to complete all the hidden achievements.

In the main complex, you can get this achievement by going down the spiral staircase that leads down into the earth. You don’t have to fight enemies to complete this achievement; simply go all the way to the end of the complex. The achievement should pop up as you ride the elevator down to the final library. You can find this achievement by following rat baby’s original guide. If you’re having trouble finding these achievements, you’re not alone. You can find a lot of them by using the method I outlined above.

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This achievement is about staying alive in the end of the loop. To complete this achievement, you need to wake up at the start of the loop. Then, you need to get the launch codes and a suit. Then, you need to jump into the fire until your vitals reach critical. Once your vitals are low, you can try to heal yourself by eating roasted marshmallows or using the medkit in the ship. Then, you must wait out the rest of the loop without meditating.

Uncensored DLC achievement

Outer Wilds is an adventure game that is not related to the Outer Worlds franchise. The game is one of the best games of 2019, and its ending was satisfying, even if the lore left room for a sequel. Recently, we found a new DLC for Outer Wilds on the Steam Database, called Echoes Of The Eye. Both Annapurna Interactive and Mobius Digital have confirmed the DLC’s release.

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