Project Zombod Is Lucky Worth It?

Deaf players get free points. They miss out on the great sound design of Zomboid, but they’re still a viable option in multiplayer. The 30% less storage space is manageable, but other players can make use of it better than you. 2 weakness is not ideal, and your maximum strength isn’t good either. Besides, your perception is poorer, which makes you more vulnerable to shamblers.


While Project Zomboid doesn’t require any special tools to hotwire a car, it is recommended that you purchase a set of them for the other game modes. You’ll need these tools to perform maintenance and learn Electronics and Mechanics. While both of these skills can be earned at character creation, it is recommended that you invest in some books to help you speed up your learning process.

In Project Zomboid, hotwiring a vehicle is an effective way to get into a car without a key. Mechanics 2 and Electrical 1 skills are necessary for hotwiring, so a few hundred points are worth it. If you haven’t yet invested in these skills, you should learn more about them and spend some time reading mechanics books. Also, hotwiring a car is a great way to make your vehicle start without a key.


While sneaking through the game can be difficult to do, the Inconspicuousness trait can help you avoid getting noticed by zombies. This trait will also increase your chance of finding rare items, stronger weapons, and better armor. In addition, the Stout trait increases your inventory capacity and gives you more strength to fight zombies. Athletic, on the other hand, increases your running speed and weapon swing speed.

The game’s playable region, Knox Country, is based on real-life Kentucky. Towns such as Louisville, West Point, and Muldraugh are all loosely reproduced in the game world. As the game progresses, these towns become more desolate. Players must balance their traits to survive, and choose the best one for each situation. The game also features fixed challenges scenarios and several unique gameplay elements.

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Weak Stomach

Weak Stomach is a negative trait that affects a player’s health. If you’re underweight or have weak stomach, you should avoid eating rotten food and tainted water. However, it’s important to remember that these negative effects do not completely ruin the game. You can improve this trait by increasing your weight, so if you don’t eat rotten food, you’ll be better off.

A character with a weak stomach is the first negative trait. You’ll be more prone to getting food poisoning, but only if it’s rotten or ill-cooked. Eating bad food is definitely not a good idea in a zombie survival game. Fortunately, some of these negative traits can be overcome with enough effort, so if you have a weak stomach, don’t worry! There are several ways to compensate for your weak stomach.


Whether you should choose the positive or negative traits depends on your playstyle. Positive traits generally give you more points than negative ones, but some are better than others. For example, smoking will give your character four points, and smoking is common in a zombie-infested world. Smoking will save you a lot of time, and it will increase your chances of finding useful items during looting. It also will improve the quality of your weapons.

Choosing the Lucky trait is an excellent idea if you like loot, since it will increase your chances of finding rare items. Additionally, you will find more zombies with weapons when you use Lucky. For example, if you kill more zombies with the Lucky trait, you may find an M16 in the Gun Store! The game is a great choice for gamers looking to experience a survival horror game with tons of content.

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The positives of playing Project Zomboid as a deaf person include free points. While deaf players may miss out on the good sound design of the game, they can still be viable in the MP mode. Having 30 percent less storage capacity is manageable, but people can use the extra space better than you can. The negatives, however, are two strength loss and five strength max, so it isn’t the best strategy.

While this game may be difficult to get used to, the positive traits do make it worthwhile to give it a try. Players can choose to have different traits for different areas, and by choosing the right ones, they can choose to be more resilient and better able to fight off zombies. The negative traits are only available to certain types of players. This makes the game a must-have for zombie fans. If you’re new to the game, it might be a good idea to download the beta version first.

In addition to improving your skill, you can also buy skill books for a better outcome. You can choose from Beginner’s, Intermediate, Advanced, Expert, and Mastery levels. Each of them has different levels and a multiplier for actions. The higher your skill level, the better the rewards. However, if you want to earn extra points, go for the Beginner’s book. It will give you three times more XP for the same actions.

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