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The story follows Chris Redfield, a BSAA operative, who is involved in a sting operation with the Mexican government to capture weapons dealer Glenn Arias. He is also trying to track down his missing co-workers, Cathy White and Zack. Chris’s team discovers that the mansion they were investigating wasn’t abandoned, but filled with zombies. Wesker was revealed to be the primary antagonist in Resident Evil 2, and is still mentioned in the new game.

The characters in Resident Evil 2 are more diverse than those in the first game. They display a range of emotions, including tension, fear, naivete, and romance. In addition, there are also family members and friends, who help players overcome various challenges. There are many different ways to solve the game’s puzzles and find solutions. The zapping system, for example, allows players to discover different outcomes in different scenarios.

Resident Evil 2 also features three new characters. The protagonist, Leon S. Kennedy, is a secret agent and rookie cop. He is joined by Jill Valentine, a lockpick expert and walking antiviral agent. Meanwhile, Claire Redfield is a bioterror activist and her brother Chris Redfield is a government agent who fights bioterrorism. The game also has more than 50 characters, and players can play as all of them, or any combination of them.

After Resident Evil, Mikami decided to step down from the director’s chair and instead take a producer role on the next installment. Although this means he’ll still be involved in the production of Resident Evil, Mikami wanted to foster the growth of a younger member of his team, which led him to choose Kamiya. With his help, the game became one of the best-selling horror titles in history.

While the storylines in Resident Evil games are more elaborate, Kamiya’s characters aren’t. The series had an almost cartoon-like quality to it and was a popular choice for many fans of the first title. In fact, some fans compare it to Aliens and Mega Man, which were both more accessible. This isn’t an accurate description of the characters in Resident Evil 2, but it does offer some valuable insight into the minds of the developers.


The storyline of Resident Evil 2 is a mix of real-time cut-scenes and computer generated scenes, with additional backstories told through documents lying about the game’s plot. The game also features characters from the previous games, including Claire, a young girl, and Bill and Annette Birkin, who work for the Umbrella Corporation. They are responsible for the creation of the T-Virus, which infected the zombies of Raccoon City. In addition, the game introduces a new character, Albert Wesker, who is undercover in the government.

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In Resident Evil 2, players will encounter different monsters throughout the game, resulting in a variety of scenarios in which to solve puzzles. Each of these scenarios has its own set of puzzles, which can be solved through different methods. The gameplay in Resident Evil 2 is also highly varied, thanks to the various suits that can be worn to survive the zombies. The game is not as easy as the original Resident Evil, but the game’s storyline will keep players engaged and excited throughout.

The game’s storyline will be more exciting than ever with its many hidden features and enticing puzzles. The game’s level design and balance between trepidation and calm is unparalleled. Hidden caches and cartouches are great ways to find items that you may have missed before. Those elements will help you unlock new levels and solve puzzles. There’s also plenty of action to save the world.

Resident Evil 2 is the sequel to the popular PlayStation game, released in 1998. It follows many of the conventions of the survival horror genre, including fixed camera, limited ammunition, and fixed-angle camera. The game also features puzzles and limited weapons, all of which make it even scarier. However, the storyline is not so interesting if you’re not familiar with the first Resident Evil. You can avoid these elements and still enjoy Resident Evil 2.

The PlayStation 2 was released in Japan in March 2000. Though it was originally scheduled to launch in 1999, it didn’t come out until March 2000. So Resident Evil 2 is a great game for the PlayStation or Dreamcast. You can find reviews and information about Resident Evil 2 on GameRankings and Metacritic. It’s also worth checking out Resident Evil 2 for PlayStation or Dreamcast on the PlayStation and Nintendo 64.


The Resident Evil 2 remake has been well received. The game’s pacing is perfect, and the story never felt plodding. The game’s puzzles are detailed and encourage exploration. Each location feels unique and offers something different, and the game has a distinct 90s vibe with its plasticky puzzle pieces and signal modulators and cranks. To master each of the game’s puzzles, you must retrace your tracks to find the solution.

Getting an early advantage is one way to advance in the game. Knowing the solution to a puzzle, or the safe code, will remove the risk of getting caught in a trap and exposing yourself to danger. Some puzzles give you an extra supply of ammo or a gun upgrade, which can be helpful early on in the game. Aside from giving you extra ammo, these unlocking codes also allow you to focus on other aspects of your survival.

Resident Evil 2 is a great example of this style of game. The puzzles are challenging, but the rewards are plentiful and the exploration can be very rewarding. There are also numerous secrets hidden throughout the game, and finding these will speed up your playthrough. Many players find this game to be similar to an adventure, with satisfying bursts of endorphins whenever they discover a secret. There’s no doubt that Resident Evil 2 is a game to be played multiple times, and it’s sure to provide many hours of entertainment.

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The maiden statue is one of the most difficult puzzles in Resident Evil 2. The symbols on the dials are faded, and you must use the final medallion in the last slot. After successfully placing the final medallion in the statue, you will uncover a secret passageway that will lead to a hidden facility with lockers and safes. Once you find the secret, you can continue the story in the second episode of the game.

The Resident Evil series has a tradition of taking ideas from other works, and Resident Evil 2 is no exception. Its Japanese flavor, silly voice acting, and challenging puzzles are all inspirations from other works. Its use of classic horror movies like Night of the Living Dead and the original Resident Evil, as well as the remake of The Witcher, are all derived from these works. There are many other examples of this style of game, including Resident Evil 3 and its predecessors.

Hardcore difficulty

The Hardcore difficulty is much harder than the standard difficulty. You are not required to kill all enemies. However, you should keep in mind that you won’t lose a lot of ammo if you don’t kill them all in a single round. You can run past them or stun them before they shamble toward you. You should also carry a blue defense herb or grenade launcher with you in case you run into multiple zombies in a single area.

The Lickers aren’t very scary on the Standard difficulty, but they’re deadly in Hardcore mode. Sneaking around them and moving as normal is enough to sneak past them. They’ll pounce if you make any physical contact, so be aware of where you’re going to stand. Another way to deaggro them is by running out of a room. This way, they’ll be far less likely to follow you through the room.

The Hardcore difficulty is arguably the most difficult difficulty in Resident Evil 2. Because you have to kill enemies more frequently and die more easily, you’ll be rewarded with a higher score. The difficulty level of Resident Evil 2 becomes much harder as you reach higher levels. On Hardcore, you’ll also lose aim assist, meaning you’ll have to spend a lot of time using healing items. For this reason, it’s important to choose the standard difficulty before moving on to Hardcore.

One way to play Resident Evil 2 Hardcore is to save often. Unlike the normal difficulty, you’ll have 20 save slots. If you die and lose all your progress, it can be frustrating. However, you can avoid this fate by savoring the game’s most challenging moments. It’s also important to know how to save your progress. If you don’t save often enough, you’ll end up wasting a lot of precious time.

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