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A good resource for RPG Maker VX is the message board topic. There are links to various learning materials, including RSS feeds and the Script editor. The message board also has an associated soundtrack for each game. For instance, one activity in RPG Maker VX Ace features a cartoon clip called 'Generica’. STOIK Imagic is a powerful, easy-to-use media organizer and viewer.

RSS feeds

A good resource for keeping up with the latest news on the RPG Maker VX community is RSS feeds. These feeds will help you stay up-to-date with the latest updates from the RMVXA group. This article will cover a few of the most popular RSS feeds for RPG Maker VX. The resource also includes links to additional learning resources. RPG Maker VX is a popular, versatile video game engine. It allows you to create a 3D environment and can even play the game on a computer!

While there are several good resources for RPG Maker VX, it is always a good idea to start with one of the free tools available. There are a few things you should know before you get started with RPG Maker VX. It’s important to note that the graphics will not be as high-quality as the paid versions. You can also download RPG Maker DLC Bundle #1 to add music and tiles to your game. RPG Maker DLC Bundle #1 also includes Tyler Warren’s First 50 Battler Pack and Modern Day Music Mini Pack. There are only two reviews of Skyborn so far, but I’m glad to see it on the market.

Another benefit of RPG Maker VX Ace is that it supports custom tilesets. This resource packs is available in both Steam and standalone versions. They contain royalty-free music and tilesets. There are also several packs of fan-made RPG Maker VX resources. The Ace Resource Pack includes the A-E Tileset, which has lower layer tiles. Both versions are compatible with each other.


If you want to make your game more engaging, consider downloading add-ons for RPG Maker VX. These plugins make it easier to change various aspects of your game. With the help of this add-on, you can easily add various events to your game. Some of these events are Auto-Run, which means that they automatically run each time the player steps into them. Others can be changed manually, and you can even set morphing events to replace properties.

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Another add-on for RPG Maker VX is the SAMURAI – Shi art pack. The Japanese retail version comes with a demo of Chouichirou Kenpuuden. Another resource pack is the High Fantasy Resource Pack, which is geared toward Western-style RPGs. Another resource pack is the RPG Maker 3 Music Pack, which contains a set of BGMs for RPG Maker 3. Note that this resource pack only comes with the PC edition of the game.

Another useful add-on is the Base Parameters plugin. This plugin allows you to customise your character’s skills, and it lets you use gold and items to purchase them. You can also use Job Points to buy these skills. This makes it easier to customize your character’s stats, and it makes leveling more fun. You’ll be able to customize your character’s skills to suit your gameplay style.

Plugin Commands are useful for extending the RPG Maker MV message system. These commands will launch custom plugin functions without the structural complexity of script calls. The default values are fixed. However, if you’d prefer to vary your frame rate, this add-on will make this easy. They also provide an extended choice control for better window positioning. It’s essential to note that this plugin doesn’t require any previous version of RPG Maker VX.

Script editor

If you’re interested in making a custom RPG, a Script editor is the perfect tool. RPG Maker VX has several improvements over RPG Maker XP. The first is the graphical editor. RPG Maker VX uses a new mapping system. Instead of global tiles, there are now only two „usable” layers. A1 and A2 are used to combine tilesets.

When you import a resource file, you’ll be prompted with a dialog box. Select the file from the list. If it is blue, it means that it was included in the RTP. A red circle indicates that the file is imported, and a blue circle indicates that it is included in the RTP. You can then customize and save the game. You can also view your resource file from the Manage Resources dialog box.

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The Script editor for RPG Maker VX has a Help file that explains many of the features available in the program. It is located on the left side of the window. You can use the context field to select an item that you want to edit. You can also click the Search tab if you want to perform a more specific search. Most items have pop-up hints.

Music pack

RPG Maker VX Ace – Gyrowolf’s Music Resource Pack 001 is a collection of BGM tracks for use in your games. This pack features twenty four tracks of background music, including orchestral themes and native flutes. Additionally, it features thirty Music Events and forty Sound Effects. The music is royalty-free and can be used in any project. The included looping tag information will allow you to use the music for any purpose.

512×512 tile set

A ’tile set’ in RPG Maker is a collection of tiles. Tiles are used to display areas in games. RPG Maker 2000 and 2003 uses a grid of 16×16 pixel tiles, while RPG Maker XP uses 32×32 tiles. Unlike RMXP, which had unlimited tile sets, RPG Maker VX has a limit of only two „usable” layers, A1 and A2. The autotile mapping system will always put tiles from A1 and A2.

A 512×512 tilesetter is very small. This means that you cannot mix and match tiles from other tilesets. The best way to make a 512×512 tilesetter is to use gimp and specific tiles. The tile set is a great resource for RPG Maker VX. However, it is not a perfect solution for every RPG Maker VX-Ace game.

Retail versions of RPG Maker VX come on a CD-ROM. They do not require an optical drive. The activation process requires an internet connection. The game requires DirectX-compatible hardware. RPG Maker VX Ace includes RPG Maker VX and is designed for 64-bit systems. The Ace version introduces RGSS3, an improved version of the VX’s RGSS2 tile system. This new tile system is easier to work with and allows for bigger tiles.

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