Spyro Peace Keepers Level Guide

In the new game, Spyro the Dragon must collect the Peace Keepers Key and use it to unlock all the levels. To do this, Spyro must rotate the wooden plaques atop the canons and defeat the enemies. Moving Spyro past the wooden plaques will cause him to feel a burning sensation. Listed below are some of the areas where you can find the Peace Keepers Key.

Cannon fight

Spyro’s Reignited Trilogy includes a level called Peace Keepers, where Spyro must defeat several different types of dragons to save the world. The levels are largely barren, with many areas filled with tar pits. Unlike the other levels, chests in the Peace Keepers levels will not open without the use of a canon. To overcome this challenge, Spyro will need to use his canon in various ways.

The first cannon in the game is where Spyro can gather the first two Red Gems. The next two cannons are found in the main area of the game, but you’ll need to make sure to use them wisely. One cannon is aimed at the blue lake, and the other faces away from it. Both cannons have a Red Gem inside. The key can be used to gather crystals and unlock a silver chest, while the other two are used to destroy enemy soldiers.

To unlock the Key Cannon, you’ll have to go through the Peace Keepers world. Once you’ve killed the Titan, you can use your cannon to shoot a large red target on a rock near a sealed chest. You can also shoot the Gnorcs in the Dry Canyon, which will give you a trophy for your efforts. When you’ve done that, you can then move on to Dry Canyon to earn the Vultures.

The second key can be obtained by defeating the Gnasty Gnorc, the boss in the world. Spyro must fight the Gnasty Gnorc. He doesn’t fight Spyro, but he shoots from a ledge where Spyro can’t climb. After defeating this boss, Spyro must chase the thieves who stole the dragon’s eggs.


When you first start playing Spyro, you will come across the first group of enemies. The first of these enemies is an armored druid. It has a yellowish orange fur and tusks. Once you’ve gotten close, Ember will flame you. This will let you break the armored druid. In the next room, you’ll meet two more Druids.

When you first start Spyro, you will have to collect two sole emeralds and a key to a chest. After that, you’ll have to defeat a bunch of Tribesmen and find the key to the chest. There are also other enemies you’ll encounter in the game, including the Witch Doctor, who tries to roast you. If you’re going to beat him, you’ll need a good plan.

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When the battle between the Druids begins, it’s imperative that you use your own strategy to beat the druids. The key will reveal to you where the portal is located. Then, you’ll be able to reach the other side of the map. Once you’ve done this, you can continue to unlock new items and fight the Druids.

The second platform is quite similar to the first. Druids are armored and can attack Spyro with water, fire, or lightning. It’s easy to miss when exploring a room. Fortunately, the key is located in the middle of the platform. This is where the second key is found. When Spyro grabs this key, the Druid will be standing in front of him.

There were also three other Druids in the world. After a brief study of the walkway, Spyro decided to test his supercharge ability. He sped down the walkway, but his speed was much higher than he had expected. As a result, Spyro smashed into a green druid and raised an earth wall. After a brief battle, Spyro forced himself to stop.

Defeat the Bird Wrangler

This level is one of the easier ones, so if you’ve already beaten it, you’ll probably want to skip it. Defeat the Bird Wrangler and earn two Gems in the process. This is a really good achievement because it will let you unlock a new Dragon for your adventure! Defeat the Bird Wrangler with the Spyro peace keepers key to unlock it!

This level has 36 levels, each one having a different objective. Spyro’s goal is to rescue his brethren from their crystal prison. To do this, he must open a cannon with his peace keepers key, which is composed of four blues and a gold sphere. When Spyro is in this level, he’ll charge and crash off a cliff, so be sure to use this attack. To charge the Dragon, use your staff and swing it in a circle. You’ll also be able to overhead attack.

You must kill all the Bird Wranglers to progress to the next level. This is a difficult objective in the game, but it’s not impossible if you’re patient and use the right strategy! Try to defeat each of them with your Spyro peace keepers key and you’ll be sure to unlock the next level! There are also a lot of other secrets in this level, so you may want to collect them all.

Defeat the Vultures

Defeat the Vultures with the Peace Keepers Key to progress to the next level. The first area in the game is Cliff Town, and the first challenge is to Flame every vulture that is in your way. As you glide over the gorge, be sure to avoid the perches where the Vultures sit. They can attack you from afar, so it’s important to keep your distance.

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The second level of the game requires that you find the key to unlock Dr. Shemp’s strong chest. You’ll find the key near the exit vortex on a rock below. If you’ve waited too long, you’ll end up with a burning sensation, so make sure you move slowly. This key is only available in the Dry Canyon level. Once you find it, you’ll need to defeat the Vulture and Bird Wrangler before you can unlock the chest.

The final task requires you to Defeat the Vultures with the Peace Keepers key. You’ll need to use the Key to open the portal, but you must first unlock the other items in the game. This includes the two blue Gems and two greens. Then, use the key to free Boris, the Bird Wrangler, and the 1-Up Chest. The Return Home Transporter is a 400/400 portal to the main area of the Peace Keepers’ homeworld.

The second task in the game is to collect the gems. The purple chests are the most difficult to reach. However, Spyro’s Flame can be used to flame purple chests. If you have enough gems, you’ll be able to collect a trophy for the level. Achieving this achievement will result in a 120% completion of the game.

Rotating the canons

To play this level, you will have to rotate the canons by turning the wooden plaques on them. Moving Spyro past one of these plaques will cause a burning sensation. If you don’t do this correctly, the key will be useless. There are many levels to this level. You can learn more by reading the following tips. In addition to that, the game is free and requires no download.

You’ll find two types of enemies in this area. There are stone thieves and egg thieves. The first one can glide through a small pond using its flame attack. The second type of enemy is a bird wrangler, and you’ll have to fight it in order to get the key. You’ll find these enemies in the first level, and you’ll need to kill them before they can get to the treasure.

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