The Hood of the Hungering Darkness Review

The Hood of the Hungering Darkness is a hood made from Fel Iron and covered with flames. It is the remnant of a rare dark magic practiced by the Shadow Council. The curse it casts is considered harmless, but its use enables the user to feign demonic possession. Hence, it is only a good choice for experienced gamers who are willing to spend some time battling demons.


The Hungering Night’s hood is a new item in Warcraft III. It’s made of Fel Iron and encased in flames, a relic of dark magic. Despite its name, the curse attached to it is safe to wear. It can even be used to feign demonic possession. But how do you apply the hood to your character? This review will cover all of the ins and outs of this new gear.

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The Hood of Hungering Darkness is a headpiece made of Fel Iron that is covered in flames. The hood is an ancient relic of rare dark magic that has been preserved in a curse. The curse is thought to be harmless, but the player may have the power to feign demonic possession. The hood can be purchased for a price of 100 gold. Players can use it on any character. The item can also be obtained from various auction houses.


The Hood of Hungering Darkness is a headpiece made of Fel Iron with a glowing curse. It is the remnant of a rare dark magic, but is considered safe by most players. Players can feign demonic possession while wearing it. It takes up one head slot and is fully transmogrifiable across all races. For more information, see our guide to the Price of the Hood of the Hungering Darkness.


In World of Warcraft, the Hood of the Hungering Darkness is a headpiece that allows players to simulate demonic possession. Made of Fel Iron, this hood is covered in flames and is a relic of dark magic. The curse attached to it is thought to be harmless but it has the potential to cause negative status effects on the wearer. However, the player must first visit a Transmogrifier to apply it to their character.

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