What’s So Good About Environmental Station Alpha 2?

You’re probably thinking, „What’s so good about Environmental Station Alpha 2?” Whether you’re curious about the retro-themed exploration or whether the game’s powerups are overpowered, there’s a lot to look forward to. Here’s a quick rundown of the most noteworthy aspects of the game. It’s a retro-themed action platformer developed by Finnish indie developer Hempuli and published by Gameloft.


Despite its unique biomes and retro aesthetic, Environmental Station Alpha is far from a throwback. These environments are incredibly detailed and include bubbles in the water, sparks in a volcano, and falling leaves. There is also an engaging soundtrack to accompany your adventure. Fortunately, you won’t die a lot while playing this game. If you’re looking for a new adventure to play, Environmental Station Alpha may be the perfect fit.

While the Metroid genre is currently all the rage in the indie game scene, Nintendo has yet to release a new Metroid title. Konami even turned Castlevania into a God of War clone. While Environmental Station Alpha isn’t a perfect Metroidvania, it’s surprisingly charming, has tons of secrets, and offers a ton of post-game content.

The first game in the Environmental Station series, Environmental Station Alpha was released by Hempuli Oy in 2015. The sequel, Environmental Station Alpha 2, was released in October 2017. It’s a retro-styled action-platformer, and is currently available for EUR/USD 7.99 on Steam. Environmental Station Alpha was conceived as an environmental habitat. It was divided into different zones to house various alien flora and fauna. After decades of abandonment, the environmental station is destroyed, leaving a robot to investigate and discover hidden areas.


If you are looking for a new action-platformer that combines exploration with puzzles, Environmental Station Alpha 2 may be just what you are looking for. This game was released by Hempuli in April 2015, and it can be purchased for EUR/USD 7.99 on Steam or Humblebundle. You will explore an abandoned space station, complete with secrets and hidden areas. You will discover how long it took the station to collapse and how you can escape it.

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Environmental Station Alpha has some similarity with Super Metroid. It features mechanical and alien environments, boss fights, health upgrades, and fluid movement. The controls are much more responsive than in Super Metroid, and you can perform double jumps and dashes, use a grappling hook, and travel quickly using fast-travel teleporters. This is an incredibly addictive experience that you won’t want to put down.

A game like Environmental Station Alpha is a wonderful way to spend an afternoon. The game features retro-styled graphics, a unique environment, and plenty of challenges to make you feel like you’re on the moon. The game features atmospheric landscapes, diverse biomes, and a focus on exploration. Your character explores an abandoned space station and encounters tons of bosses and collect power-ups in order to progress. The game also has a relaxing ambient soundtrack that is sure to make you forget that you’re in the game!


During your exploration of the environment of Environmental Station Alpha, you’ll come across several powerful powerups that will help you get the upper-hand. These include charged shot, lava-resistant suit, and grapple beamhookshot, which let you swing from almost any environmental object. You’ll also discover some secrets and find powerups that will help you overcome obstacles in your path. And as always, there’s more to discover in the game!

First, the game is a metroidvania. The aesthetics are atmospheric, with chunky lo-fi visuals. You control a robotic character exploring a space station that has been abandoned. You’ll have to fight many bosses and gather powerups to advance. The game’s ambient soundtrack adds to its ambiance. It’s worth the purchase of the game for its excellent gameplay and atmosphere.

Environmental Station Alpha is a great retro platforming game that features a robotic figure, similar to that of the NES Metroid. In addition to platforming, you’ll need to collect upgrades and upgrade your health. There are also coloured security doors that you can unlock. There are more than fifty different powerups in the game, so there’s bound to be something that works for you. A great way to get the most from your experience is to find as many as possible.

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Retro-themed exploration

If you’re looking for a retro-themed action-platformer, try Environmental Station Alpha. The game was developed by Finnish indie developer Hempuli Oy and released on PC in May 2015. It is based on a real-life environmental station where different alien flora and fauna live. You play as an alien scout robot that travels across the world, battling bosses, and collecting upgrades.

Environmental Station Alpha is an action adventure platformer with an emphasis on exploration. You control a robotic explorer sent to investigate a mysterious, unused space station. It has been overrun by earthquakes and wildlife, and your mission is to discover its secrets while fighting bosses and amassing powerups to progress. The game is well-designed and features an atmospheric soundtrack. Unfortunately, the Mac version does not support gamepads.

Post-game content

There isn’t a whole lot of post-game content for Environmental Station Alpha 2. The game was released last May on PC through Steam. It’s a retro-styled exploration platformer in which you control a robot that is sent to explore an old space station. In the game, you must fight off alien enemies and collect power-ups as you explore different zones and uncover the secrets of the station. It has an ambient soundtrack that makes it feel good to play, and the gameplay is fun and challenging.

The post-game content for Environmental Station Alpha 2 includes two new endings: The Virus Ending and the Reset. The Virus Ending is achieved by defeating the Infected-AI’s true form. Once the Infected-AI is killed, the Environmental Station collapses, and the protagonist returns to the researchers. The virus, however, has escaped and is causing havoc, destroying the entire universe’s infrastructure.

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