Zelda Broken Heart Pond

Link’s eyes were wide with shock. He didn’t want to do it. Zelda and Hyrule were at stake, and he’d be doing this for them. He pitied the guy who thought he’d find his soulmate in this place, but he didn’t care about his height or anything else. He didn’t want to do it again, but he heard a voice behind him. He looked over and saw a hand reaching out to him. He knocked the air out of him.

Taobab Grassland

While exploring the world of Zelda, you’ll often stumble upon the mysterious Taobab Grassland. This vast area is located between the East Gerudo Mesa and Mount Faloraa, and it’s home to a giant horse that dwarfs Link in size. You can tame this beast with three bars of stamina, but it’s not a walk in the park. To get to the tame, send the horse to its stable, but it’s not a simple task.

Taobab Lake

This theory is based on research by other users, but Nintendo has yet to confirm or deny it. However, it is likely that players will become even more determined to find the true Lover’s Pond after finding the sidequest. In any case, completing the sidequests will give you access to new areas. The first one will require you to travel to Tuft Mountain, which can be reached via the northwest side of Taobab Lake.

Lover’s Pond

The real Lover’s pond is found in far southeast Hyrule, west of Tuft Mountain. The pond is a popular spot for romantic pursuits, and nearby NPCs provide quests for lovemaking. Those who are not yet ready to commit will benefit from a special Nightshade, a magical herb that seals love deals. This article will discuss its unique characteristics.

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The second Korok

The second Korok is located in the Hills of Baumer in the West Necluda Region. To get a hold of them, you must first complete the main quest 'Locked Mementos’. Once completed, you can talk to Hestu and trade Korok seeds for extra slots. There are also side quests located here as well. The second Korok requires you to pull the master sword, which can be difficult to complete unless you are an incredibly strong warrior.

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